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    Bing Ads Suspended Accounts and Problem with Campaign

    Did you ever have to deal with suspensions? Do you think the website could be a problem? Though the campaign was on for several months
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    Bing Ads Suspended Accounts and Problem with Campaign

    Hi! I had a bing ads account since november 2022, everything was fine except that there were no conversions. So i was working on optimizing the account, I even had a call with a specialist who said the account and campaign looks good A few days later the ads account got erased, i think it was...
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    Google Local Ads DBA Verification

    Hi, If i want to go through the process of advanced verification for google ads, i have a corporation and a DBA. My question is Can i use the DBA and have all the certificates (insurance, license, registration) under the corporation name? Example Corporation LLC - Has a car registered under...
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    Bing Ads for Local Business Generating 0 Calls

    No no the website is an actual site built properly, its an actual business. The Call only is an extension for bing ads. You might be correct since i hardly see any impressions for the call extension it probably does mean that people hardly use bing on mobile. The majority of traffic does come...
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    Bing Ads for Local Business Generating 0 Calls

    Yes, the geo is targeted correctly, i can see in the use report that the traffic come from the correct places. The call now button is setup correctly. I have spoken several times with microsoft support. Very weird.
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    Bing Ads for Local Business Generating 0 Calls

    Hey Guys, I am running Bing Ads for a local business. We are getting clicks from relevant places and the search terms are also relevant. We are running 2 campaigns. 1 - Mobile Only: Since Bing doesnt really have a call only campaign I created a campaign only for mobile with a call extension to...
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    Selling Leads to Local Businesses

    The leads are contact info that people leave on the site, not calls
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    Selling Leads to Local Businesses

    Home advisor buys external leads? Yeah, Thanks!
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    Selling Leads to Local Businesses

    So you think a manual method to find contractors and then emailing them? The conversion is pretty low isnt it? Did you ever try calling or know of an affiliate network that buys such leads?
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    Selling Leads to Local Businesses

    Hi, Does anyone have an idea how to monetize Epoxy Flooring leads? I am generating quite a lot of epoxy flooring leads all over the US, one method is to actually call contractors and try and convince them to purchase my leads (i dont sell the same lead to multiple people) and i will sell...
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    Looking for Google Guarantee accounts

    Looking to find someone who can verify google guarantee accounts or sell
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    GMB location suspended

    How does google verify info? If you send them a license, utility bills, there is a website connected to the gmb, hidden address, address is real. What can cause them not to reinstate? Which info do they try to validate or which documents actually matter?
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    Local SEO results

    This graph proves nothing unless this shows the traffic of his money keywords. If this is to some blog posts on his website that does not convert into customers then this traffic is pretty much useless
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    Looking to buy Google level 10 local guides

    Hi, Please pm me if you have american google level 10 local guides and price Thanks
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    Paid for JR.VIP and it says my subscription expired

    Hi, I submitted payment for the JR.VIP and it says that my subscription is canceled. Who do i talk to, to get this fixed?
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    Facebook Ads Restricted HELP!

    True, i appealed several times and got the same generic response, i already opened a new ad account :)
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    Google Local Listing SEO - Need Help

    Organic ranking used to help the gmb rank alot and a good ranking gmb helped the website. Today the connection isnt as strong as it used to be. Once a map embed used to skyrocket both website and gmb, today not so much. You can see whitesparks study on ranking factors. What helps the gmb and...
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    Google Local Listing SEO - Need Help

    Are you talking about local business schema? Do you use other schema markups?
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    [Free Giveaway] 100 Facebook Accounts

    Interested Thanks!
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    Where can i buy facebook accounts?

    Hey guys does anyone know a service or person to buy aged facebook accounts that are sort of active, so facebook wont suspend them? Thanks!
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