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    Hi From UK

    hey you guys! im from London myself, Im not new to the whole online scene, but new to blackhat. If any guys would like to chat about opps etc to work together feel free to pm me :-) jv - joint venture cheers
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    Wordpress Plugins?

    i bought wprobot and have just found out its best to use it with wp unique. i have ranked quite quickly with wprobot and then switched it off and turned over to manual, original content. but thats what ive done as a newbie.
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    can your sites get dropped because of wprobot?

    ok so wp unique is a pay for product - is there anyone that can provide me with a copy (as long as its not on the banned list)? or know of where i can get one? thanks
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    can your sites get dropped because of wprobot?

    ok thanks guys, maybe ill take a look at wp unique then. I have to admit I havent just been putting wp robot on my blogs and letting it run. Im focusing a lot on backlinks etc to get them ranked for my terms. Sounds like an auto spinner of sorts is what im missing. cheers :)
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    can your sites get dropped because of wprobot?

    hi guys I purchased wp robot a few weeks ago and have been using it on some of my sites since. 2 sites have been completely dropped by google and i want to know if this could be because of wprobot? perhaps the content being dupe? or google somehow realising its auto gen content? i dont...
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    link exchanges wanted

    hi guys not sure if this happens much here but im looking for link exchanges in the following DIY / furniture / home furnishings / Sports - Nutrition / Insurance PM me and lets see what we can do (I can offer in content links) Not sure if this happens much on here as its a white hat...
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    FREE Backlink Service From Network of 20 blogs + 20 traffic portals + 20 SEO portals

    Hey Tiyarli, Just mailed you, Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks :) Amo
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    Need some advice on Wordpress Theme Selection. Please help!

    not sure if it helps but i use arras theme (google it). its a magazine style template which is extremely flexible, there are simple settings that can turn it into a three column layout (which is what you want i think) and a really simple way to edit the header (upload your own) and background...
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    best methods to get auto content for blogger auto blogs??

    Hi Glenn, Thanks for that :-) Couple of questions about it - Ive taken a look at the demo on the site etc but using bloghatter do you stil have to manually select articles to process each day? Im looking for something to setup once and then leave alone so that I can move onto the next so...
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    best methods to get auto content for blogger auto blogs??

    *bump* - need your help on this guys! Theres loads of info on here for WP but I cant find for blogger - appreciate your thoughts :D
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    best methods to get auto content for blogger auto blogs??

    hi guys Ive setup a load of auto blogs with but im struggling to get decent auto content on them that populates every day. Obviosuly via the email method, but what do you guys use to populate your auotblogs with? Where do you get your auto content? Thanks Amo
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    Whats the fastest way to get k's of friends on Facebook?

    i tried using this facebook bomber but it just crashed adn didnt really work for me. there are two types that ive found though, facebook friend bomber and facebook blaster pro (whcih didnt work at all) not sure if anyone else found this to work for them?
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    facebook friend adding limits(golden numbers)

    hey guys great thread but can anyone help with some direction on which friend adder tools to use? ive tried facebook blaster pro and facebook friend bomber (which i think are the same) and they havent worked for me. (as in dont actually work for some reason) cheers
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    newbie to blackhat - but not Online, need help!

    Hi Guys OOPS = SORRY MODS IVE JUST SEEN YOUR SECTION ON HOW TO MAKE MONEY = IF MY QUESTION IS ANSWERED THERE PLEASE REMOVE AND APOLOGIES. Ive been in online for a few years here in the UK and now ive taken the road to work for myself I need your help. I dont know what the quickest way...
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