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  1. MrJoe

    Got Lost in Crypto World

    I've done my share of losses too. What doesn't kill you or make you broke, makes you more careful. I bought an oil stock, a big one and it went bankrupt. 2k to $63 in matter of days. CEO walked away with 32 million in severance pay. So, it's hard to shake that feeling. Still makes me feel bad...
  2. MrJoe

    Investment; The Basics.

    I've lost money trading stocks. Excellent article. Sold car, so some cash on hand. I haven't invested in anything, for a long time. Been going back and re-thinking my crash and burn. I'm impatient. I've read alot of articles on BHW about cryptocurrency. Took awhile to understand it from it's...
  3. MrJoe

    python noob help

    I want to learn Python. Go look at DroneBlocks. You need a DJI Ryze which isn't expensive. Read the directions. Not all smartphones are supported. It teaches you basics of Python and other stuff. I'm getting over second Covid illness, so it has been rough for me to remember some things. This is...
  4. MrJoe

    The latest scam I've been seeing lately

    Nothing beats the crypto scam. All over Youtube. Send 100,000,000 million crypto coins to the site and they will send you 200,000,000 coins back. What tipped me off, other than it being so stupid, and wondering why somebody would fall for that the site was a .io. Many are bogus...
  5. MrJoe

    Where to sell old rare coins?

    Old coins which are not graded are a risk to buy. Morgan dollars from China, are counterfeit. As shady as Crypto trading exchanges. Buyers have been burned, so many times, that they don't buy them. Good luck. Go sell them at a coin dealer or pawn shop. You must have flea market. Go there to sell.
  6. MrJoe

    Crypto investment - Scam or Legit?

  7. MrJoe

    This NFT just sold for nearly $70 million

    This was a very interesting read. Thank you for posting the details.Looked at some articles on Metakovan and even there is a YT video on him. Frankly, he looks pretty buzzed. One guy like this, figuring all the mechanics of doing it, seems far - fetched. Could accept Musk, having the means to...
  8. MrJoe

    What languages do you speak?

    OT: One thing's for certain. If you had gone with the wouldn't be on BHW. As far as the thread topic. English, French and a decent amount of Spanish.
  9. MrJoe

    A fresh start - lvl 1

    Just talking with a friend yesterday about this, "talking about the next big biz idea with 0 action ". Posting to follow.
  10. MrJoe

    Best Free Video Editor ?

    DaVinci is free. OP asked which is free. Have a Vegas on one of my laptops, but never use it. Take some time , watch the tutorials for it, and it works. Can do some nice transitions. It has a very good slo-mo feature. You can do focus ins. Only problem with those, is the resolution doesn't look...
  11. MrJoe

    MicroStrategy to buy bitcoins for $400 million

    We get the news that they want us to see. The ransom was paid so that they could see where it went. This isn't even a new technique. When somebody gets kidnapped, they put the money somewhere that's watched. Another example is setting up a honeypot to catch a hacker. Nothing new. So Bitcoin...
  12. MrJoe

    Just Invested 1k on this Shitcoin | Will comeback to post pics of my lambo

    I was thinking of just getting maybe a $100 of one of the more popular crypto's like dogecoin. There's a site that has charts on them. Nice because the site is laid out nicely, and easy to navigate. I know 3 people that have started investing in cryptos. Would rather get any advice on BHW. What...
  13. MrJoe

    what is the best anti detect browser for my purpose?

    Interesting thread. What is it you're trying to do ? There's a wide range of skill set's on BHW. What you want to do, most likely has been done by somebody on here.
  14. MrJoe

    US investigators recover the majority of ransom Colonial Pipeline paid to hackers

    An earlier article mentioned that FBI was called in. We have some of the best hackers that are recruited. Many of the ones that get arrested are given a couple of options, at sentencing. Prison and general pop. or come work for us. Federal pens, are not risk free, contrary to popular belief.
  15. MrJoe

    I just deactivated my personal Instagram account

    And some people on it if they're not working. Alot of women can stay hooked to it, for weird amount of time. Like all day.
  16. MrJoe

    How to focus on one strategy ?

    It's really good advice. Thank you.
  17. MrJoe

    BREAKING: Ebay has dumped Paypal

    Managed payments are not good. I talked to a Rep two weeks ago. He said Ebay is overrun with hackers. Don't be surprised if next ransomware target is Ebay. Saw a list somewhere on the web, that had three potential targets. Ebay is on the shortlist.
  18. MrJoe

    How to focus on one strategy ?

    Maybe have ADHD. I read a bunch of posts. Get exhausted because my attention gets distracted. More of a How to deal with the volume of information on here. Have actually implemented a IG account, actually about 3. Followed advice to do organic . Now my one main one only has 113 followers. Don't...
  19. MrJoe

    A single PHP file called "index.php" that generates $100,000+ per month

    Looked at his website, and what is nice about it is , how fast you can scan through the jobs. Picked the wrong career path. I keep telling some younger people I know, get into programming and learn how to code. Even if it is just one language, at least pick one that is fairly popular and learn...
  20. MrJoe

    Dropshipping advice, tips and tricks for people that are new or have failed(probably long ass read)

    I'm also stuck. Contacted about three companies to sell products in China. One took a month and a half to just get them to send good pictures to use on the website. Second took about two months to send hi-res pictures. They first gave me a link to their website and said just cut and paste the...
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