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  1. proofoflife

    Looking for a Tech/Gadget/Product Blogger

    Hello All I am looking 30+ DA/PA tech blogs for my products, does anyone know if any decent tech bloggers?
  2. proofoflife

    Does server location effect site speed

    Hi Guys I have a site that loads quickly in the UK, but loads really slow in Japan. The only thing i can think of, is that server is in the UK - Would that really have that much of an impact? Thanks
  3. proofoflife

    Advice on hiding content

    Hi Guys We are currently redesigning our site and I need to know, Are there any SEO issues with having a “read more” drop down? Also, are there any issues with having blocks of text taken out of the mobile design – this is for where they fit well on a desktop but not on mobile.
  4. proofoflife

    Is the a planned schedule for the google algorithm updates this year?

    My account was stung badly with the Brackets update in March and I am being outranked by absolute garbage competitors. i want to anticipate when the next update will be so i can prepare, or is this a fruitless task? Does google just launch updates as and when ? if I was a guessing man, I...
  5. proofoflife

    Back Links / Does google look at the relevancy

    Hi - I have a site that has a lot of backlinks and I must stress that the backlinks were all obtained with good old fashioned relationship building and no link farming or purchasing. The domain authorities for these links are very high but the actual nature of what these sites do, don't really...
  6. proofoflife

    I Need Some SEO advice

    We are UK based and our core traffic is UK based. Globally our stats are one of two things : up or equal - the rest of our global traffic is fine , if not better . But the UK is a dog's dinner . Keywords dropping and showing for random /incorrect urls. Our domain is .com if that helps. I'v...
  7. proofoflife

    I Need Some SEO advice

    @Warrenway It's interesting you ask about the backlink activity. Around two months ago one of our resellers stopped sending traffic to one of our none index white label site (where people could buy our products) and started sending traffic directly to our site. We had an argument in the office...
  8. proofoflife

    I Need Some SEO advice

    Hi guys. Over the past three weeks, my rankings have been all over the place. Let me be more specific: Internationally my keyword rankings have been exactly how they should be, apart from the UK - if anything they have improved. My UK rankings have declined, the keywords are showing...
  9. proofoflife

    Best Place To Find Aged Domains With High DA

    Hi guys, could anyone please recommend any sites that sell aged domains but more crucially domains with a high DA and high trust flow?
  10. proofoflife


    Anyone using scripts in there adwords accounts that they want to share? Or recommend?
  11. proofoflife

    Looking For a User Called "seoexpertnancy" - I Think

    Yeah tried the old search bar- sadly with no success. Hence why I have had to resort to creating a post (the shame of it)
  12. proofoflife

    Looking For a User Called "seoexpertnancy" - I Think

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a user called "seoexpertnancy" or something similar to that. Can anyone help me please. Thanks
  13. proofoflife

    Has anyone used

    Sorry for acting like a newbie here but those are the four major ones I care about so where would I source them ?
  14. proofoflife

    Has anyone used

    Is there? Sorry I'm new to these offers?! Can you recommend any?
  15. proofoflife

    Has anyone used

    I love a good deal, but when something seems to good to be true - then it is. This seems like one of those examples. Had any one used this before and what would your feedback be?
  16. proofoflife

    Advice and Opinions on Reporting Tools

    I appreciate that, we are only a small agency si no where near the stage of creating in house software. On that note do you work with any java script guys/gals? We need a script creating for one of our large clients ( trying to automate some of the adcopy changes)
  17. proofoflife

    Advice and Opinions on Reporting Tools

    No, but cheers I will have a look. Have you used it?
  18. proofoflife

    Advice and Opinions on Reporting Tools

    Hi guys, it's my first post so be gentle on me. Could anyone recommend any reporting tools that gather info from adowrds, bing and GA? I currently use supermetrics and I am not a fan, it's clunky, not user friendly and over complicated. I need to create eleven reports a day so I need a really...
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