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  1. Drink More Tea

    Scrapebox harvester broken?

    Working exactly the same as it always has done for me.
  2. Drink More Tea

    warning: proxies do not necessarily protect you

    Enabling javascript would have equally disastrous consequences, in terms of privacy. You could open any arbitrary add-on in such circumstances.
  3. Drink More Tea

    warning: proxies do not necessarily protect you

    A sizeable percentage of tor exit nodes intercept outgoing traffic on interesting ports before relaying it. Remember, it provides anonymity, not security.
  4. Drink More Tea

    how to? Mask outgoing connections

    All scrapbeox does it to generate http requests to servers, in the same way a a web browser does when you click on a link. Cable companies do not care about the number of connections being made from your line, unless it was having a degrading effect on their network, or you were running...
  5. Drink More Tea

    warning: proxies do not necessarily protect you

    The OP is talking shit. The Scrapebox Proxy Checker does check to see whether or not the proxy you are using forwards your IP on to the target server.
  6. Drink More Tea

    Effect of 7200rpm hard drives on Scrapebox etc.

    Running Scrapebox takes up less CPU cycles than running Skype, and hard disk activity is negligible. RAM appears to be of greatest importance to avoid crashes when scraping. Scraping large lists can use up substantial chunks of RAM.
  7. Drink More Tea

    NEW - Completely Automated (and Free) Forum Profile Creator & Poster - Lots of Features Link is working fine, although I think the program now has a problem with captcha.
  8. Drink More Tea

    Remove porn/poker sites?

    I use a popular anti-malware software which automatically blocks outgoing connections to sites it deems unsuitable. A lot of them probably have the same sort of feature. It doesn't remove them from the list, but SB won't be able to post to it.
  9. Drink More Tea

    is Scrapebox legal?

    It depends where you are, and what you do with it, I suppose. Quite similar to a penis in that regard.
  10. Drink More Tea

    Sweetfunny, do the right thing: Offer ScrapeJet for $17 to those that bought ScrapeBoard

    If you all got a discount, and subsequently Scrapeboard started getting updates, would you all be rushing to give your money to the devs?
  11. Drink More Tea

    Google has indexed a forwarding URL in place of my actual URL.

    You're actually down to 3rd in the SERPs from where I am.
  12. Drink More Tea

    Legal Advice Section?

    I would say not. I could envisage a future scenario whereby someone takes bad advice from here, acts upon it, loses, and then tries to make a claim against the board for giving bad advice.
  13. Drink More Tea

    how to? Mask outgoing connections

    It already looks like a browser to your ISP. Are you sure your not having your down/upstream managed due to, for example, traffic management on behalf of your ISP?
  14. Drink More Tea

    Issue with Signatures Avatar and Rank, Oh my!

    I think that's only for sigs which advertise a product/service. As far as I know, those such as my own are permitted.
  15. Drink More Tea

    Could I possibly request the removal of the requirement to enable javascript to browse?

    Dear Sirs, As the title states, I noticed in the past couple of days that users are required to have js enabled in order to facilitate page loads. Might there be some possibility of this situation being reversed so that those of us who either do not wish to, or are unable to, enable javascript...
  16. Drink More Tea

    Is it illegal to post fake reviews?

    Many thanks. My only reservation would be that this appears to apply only to self-promotion, ie you couldn't invent fake reviews of your own products or websites. As far as I can see, there would be nothing against posting negative reviews of your competitors?
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