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  1. healzer

    ⭐Branded Personalized Content For Your Social Handles⭐ || Beautiful Designs⭐ || Researched Content⭐ || Relevant Hashtags⭐

    Recently I was looking for an assistant to help me manage my social media, come up with new content for my audience etc. @prey24 reached out to me in a very professional manner and we got off on the right foot. He took (unpaid) time and effort to look into my specific situation, came up with a...
  2. healzer

    Creative Writer for Twitter & LinkedIn

    I'm seeking a freelance content writer / creative person to help me with social content marketing. Create unique daily content posts (short texts, memes, insights, advice, opinions) 3 to 5 posts per day Niche: Business Development, Software engineering & Tech Startup Excellent English Up for...
  3. healzer

    Hiring Freelance Front-End developer (js/jquery/html/css)

    I'm Seeking a Freelance Front-End developer • JavaScript/jQuery/HTML/CSS • can start immediately • +5y exp • fully remote • DM me your availability, rate, portfolio/resume & Discord Thanks :D
  4. healzer

    [Hiring] Digital Marketing Partner in Tech

    Hi all :) For my company I'm seeking marketing partners to help promote / sell our products. We develop APIs and tools for Time Management solutions. Our primary targets are Software Engineers & Managers. But we can also provide limited done-for-you services. An ideal partner: has relations...
  5. healzer

    Smart document management using A.I. (OCR)

    A couple days ago I've written a tutorial on document management using A.I. and OCR, maybe some of you can use this in your business or sell the solution to your clients. Many businesses (including my own) suffer from unproductive processes, such as manual data processing. These issues can be...
  6. healzer

    How to become an extrovert from being an introvert?

    I know exactly what you mean. For many years I have been attempting to become "extroverted". It all comes down to not giving a fuck about what people think of you, once you are in that state, you become comfortable in social situations and then you finally start being more talkative, because in...
  7. healzer

    Help me, is 28 too old to go back to university ? My story

    the 50 year old you might thank the 28 year old you
  8. healzer

    Tools you might need that does not exist?

    A tool to find more tool ideas
  9. healzer

    Is Python slow?

    "The guy was saying python is not working multithread like java or javascript and this makes it slower. " wrong wrong wrong
  10. healzer

    TikTok Will Start Paying You Soon

    damn those Chinese spies
  11. healzer

    Business Idea ... Thoughts

    There are thousands of similar sites and platforms already: LinkedIn reddit A lot of people use these to find investments/investors, ideas, customers, etc. By building yet another site, you'll unlikely going to help many people, except yourself by making a...
  12. healzer

    Congrats to Indianbill

    Way to go!
  13. healzer

    How much would it cost to travel Europe?

    depends on where you stay & what you eat of course :D
  14. healzer

    How much would it cost to travel Europe?

    Most of those destinations you listed are highly saturated and overrated. Paris is nice, but don't overstay. Venice is nice for a day, but no more. Those are also very expensive regarding hotel/hostel/food. If you want to have a good trip, make sure to put Switzerland on #1. I'm from Belgium and...
  15. healzer

    What's your coding level?

    Today I released "Ranked" mode on Codr. Do your best to solve problems but with a nice twist: no coding required! It's mobile friendly and even if you don't know a thing about coding. If you're a beginner or unfamiliar with JavaScript you can go into practice mode, or jump straight into ranked...
  16. healzer

    Can you solve these puzzles?

    Haha, painful memories I guess. i don't intend on including c++ for the moment, for now it's easy javascript :)
  17. healzer

    Can you solve these puzzles?

    As of today Codr is officially available on the Google Play Store. Apple and others can use Codr through our website. Codr is completely free and there are no ads. Codr on Google Play Store
  18. healzer

    Can you solve these puzzles?

    Update: Users are now able to submit their own challenges, read more:
  19. healzer

    Can you solve these puzzles?

    Thanks <3 Currently it's only JavaScript, I will allow users to choose different languages in the near future. Reason for javascript: it's widely used and has similar syntax for C#/C++/...
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