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  1. Sundace60

    [iMacros] Get Twitter Followers Easily!

    This is an imacro script. You can download imacro for firefox by typing "imacro" in the addons search field. Once you install it: 1. Restart your firefox browser. 2. Copy the script and save it with a text program like notepad in windows or texteditor in linux. 3. Make sure you save...
  2. Sundace60

    Stock from Turkey

    Interested. Pls PM me.
  3. Sundace60 | Focusing on conversion to maximize profits

    I like the fact that you are a Black Hatter also. You understand our problems and our goals. I am currently building a membership site, I will come back to PaidShare when I finish. I could use this to help monitize my site.
  4. Sundace60

    Giwing away few 20 x 80$ adwords voucher packages

    I'm not on the top 20, but this is just exactly why I signed into BlackhatWorld today. I would like one! Pm me.
  5. Sundace60

    Free $5 - Clover Invite

    Give me an invite , Please :D
  6. Sundace60

    anyone try 1&1 for domains and hosting?

    I host with 1and1, which is how I got to this thread. My best advise is to avoid them like the plague! 1. There servers (for shared hosting) are slow. 2. Their control panel does not always work and you have to call support to get their assistance. This just delays putting your site on the...
  7. Sundace60

    Getting sued, want to share my thoughts!

    In the U.S. to sue someone, you have to file in the county/state where the civil infraction was caused, then you have to use a process server or local law enforcement officer to "SERVE A SUMMONS". That is the que that you are being sued. A letter sent to a physical address is just a way of...
  8. Sundace60

    Just received some bad news

    I'll defiantly offer my prayers about your situation. God Bless!!
  9. Sundace60

    Why does my boss want to meet for coffee?

    I hope it's a good reason to want to have coffee with you, but don't be surprised if you get hit on. Now days you just don't know what to expect.
  10. Sundace60

    Genesis theme framework

    Here's a way to quickly handle it in HTML: <div class="art-nav"> <ul class="art-menu"> <li> <a href="#" class="active"><span class="l"></span><span class="r"></span><span class="t">Home</span></a> </li> <li> <a href="#"><span class="l"></span><span class="r"></span><span class="t">Menu...
  11. Sundace60

    Free iPad CPA Offer

    Use the adword free keyword tool and try to look for longtail keywords. You can add these to the keyword you already use. It's like bringing in new customers for a different item, and while they are at your store, they can look at what else you've got. Longtails bring in a different crown...
  12. Sundace60

    Is White Hat SEO Slow? Should I start out with this

    It's an excelent way to start out in IM. It won't get your adsense account baned and gives you time to see what works. Once you discover what works in the IM world BLACKHAT THE HELL OUT OF IT and take your money and run. Then, go back to square one and start all over again. But, this time...
  13. Sundace60

    Handling monetization... URGENT ISSUE

    Can't help solve your problem, but congratulations with your problem!
  14. Sundace60

    Offer My App as a Free or Commercial Plugin?

    I guess it depends upon what YOU want. I have noticed there is a lack of technical ability on this board and as such, WordPress solves a slue of problems because it has so many plugins. If you give it away free, the only ones who could use it are those with some coding experience and even at...
  15. Sundace60

    any software like this?

    This will work. I found an article entitled "Replace specific words in text documents with MS Word" Use the Find and Replace tool to put a space after each keyword.
  16. Sundace60

    Twitter addon for Firefox bulk follow unfollow

    no need to code your own. try tweet adder. good software! it will do what you have asked.
  17. Sundace60

    Tool to find websites based on keywords

    you can use IBP or market samuri. Both will return websites based on keywords you select.
  18. Sundace60

    [Help Me] Wordpress issue

    I don't know about removing the post, but I found a php script in a forum that you can use to identify and replace "bad words" in your posts. This way you can keep the posts and just replace the offensive text. <?php function Filter(&$text, $replace) { //fill this array with the...
  19. Sundace60

    [Tips]7 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Keyword Research

    I just happen to be working on keyword research today. Gave you a thanks. Your guide will help me from falling into a pit that I could have wasted away in for months!!
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