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  1. SEOzack

    How much coffe you drink daily?

    None. Used to drink coffee regularly. It has been about 9 months I haven't touched caffeine.
  2. SEOzack

    My Mom Threatened To Sue Me....

    It was a cool evening, dark, but the light from the stars and moon were making everything look a little more serene. SMMNet took a deep long toke of his cigarette. "Stupid, moms. Think's she can sue me for a months rent." His thoughts are racing. As the smoke from the cigarette twirls up...
  3. SEOzack

    4000 Hours| Geotargeted Views | Trustable Youtube Seller | Youtube

    Hey, man. Essentially they are watch page views. So, are fine. The 4k hour watch service is great for monetization. Although we do not guarantee it, the gentlemen above got two channels monetized after ordering this service. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee anything as it depends on the...
  4. SEOzack

    Twitter Bitcoin Hackers Found

    Pretty much bang on. Although, judging by the article is seems like more of con then a hack. Used the credentials of an employee to gain access to somewhere they shouldn’t have been.
  5. SEOzack

    Twitter Bitcoin Hackers Found

    I think they’re proper fucked. One of those rediculous 150 year prison terms for a petty 100k.
  6. SEOzack

    Twitter Bitcoin Hackers Found

    Edit sorry it’s to early got you now! Yep sure is. Probably thought the person they tricked into it would keep them secret.
  7. SEOzack

    President Trump says he plans to ban TikTok from the US - (Says he’ll act as soon as Saturday)

    It will be a sad day to see the president having to use his powers like this. Then again,Huawei banned in the U.K. now TikTok being banned in the US. Will the U.K. now follow suit with TikTok? Also, is TikTok really being used as a propaganda tool? Probably. Only as much as Facebook and...
  8. SEOzack

    Twitter Bitcoin Hackers Found

    Looks like they managed to find the hackers who orchestrated the Twitter hack. looks like they are going to make a massive example of them as well. The US teen will get hammered. I am not sure the U.K. will allow the extradition of the other teen as the US is currently in a block to allow...
  9. SEOzack

    I want to buy a BMW X5

  10. SEOzack

    Need help monetizing android app with high traffic

    Add a premium pass to the app for exclusive content.
  11. SEOzack

    Youtube Algorithm Update

    Crack down on fake views.
  12. SEOzack

    Youtube Algorithm Update

    Exactly that. We shall persist.
  13. SEOzack

    Dan Bilzerian Is a FRAUD

    Have to wait and see. Right now his company is in a loss but it is still one of the most recognised legal cannabis brands in the world. If it keeps going for the next two years he could be a path to some epic profits.
  14. SEOzack

    [Journey] My little brother wants to be a EDM DJ. I will help him become a big one this year.

    Does your brother want a helmet and a character? Why not just be himself? Either way sounds great. Wish you lots of success. It does sound like he already has some great connections, and yourself if you know a famous footballer, them guys are always having great parties in need of a DJ?
  15. SEOzack

    Youtube Algorithm Update

    Hey, guys. Youtube had an update around the 23rd, I did notice a few people saying they noticed some drops in viewer numbers. Has anyone been affected?
  16. SEOzack

    Looking for IOS developer

    PM me more details
  17. SEOzack

    Who is providing the best rate in the market for YOUTUBE VIEWS???

    If you’re after the best in the world then I got you. If you’re after the cheapest then try one of the others.
  18. SEOzack

    Youtube copyright strike

    You will get the same strike again.
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