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  1. deathclick

    Article Magic - Journalist & SEO Quality Manual English Content - USA Writers (Approved)

    Can I get a sample of your journalist article? I need some money site content but would like to see a sample before placing an order.
  2. deathclick Botwiz + Georgebg Amazing SEO Professionals

    How about the linkpwn service? It has been way more than 72 hours. Please let us know.
  3. deathclick

    VenomSEO RELEASED! Captcha Solving SEO automation tool 3 DAY TRIAL RISK FREE!

    That's what I wanted to hear. The new SENukeX is very expensive, no auto decaptcha, but for article marketing and link pyramid builiding it is very nice. SENuke customer support isn't exactly the best either. They have had bugs that were a year old and didn't fix them, but it could have been...
  4. deathclick

    VenomSEO RELEASED! Captcha Solving SEO automation tool 3 DAY TRIAL RISK FREE!

    First of all, I think SEO Venom is a great value compared to xrumer and I think this tool has huge potential. It also has documentation--what a concept! But, on April 1st, Google changed the algorithm again, and this change really negated the value of links from free Web 2.0 properties. So here...
  5. deathclick Botwiz + Georgebg Amazing SEO Professionals

    There has been another major update to the Google algorithm this month. Typically they spend the first week of the month rebuilding the index with the latest algorithm tweaks, and this one was another bomb, similar to Farmer. The free web 2.0 properties got their links almost totally discounted...
  6. deathclick Botwiz + Georgebg Amazing SEO Professionals

    Hey George and Botwiz, can you comment on how you have changed your U-net, Scrapebox, and Xrumer tactics to respond to the latest Google algorithm change? A lot of content sites got massacred (see the Sistrix page ranking numbers). Irrelevant edu and gov links seem to have become more than...
  7. deathclick Botwiz + Georgebg Amazing SEO Professionals

    We got the Advanced Ultimate U-Net package which is the middle U-Net package with the Scrapebox and Xrumer blasts. The project was delivered on Feb 9th. All the linking power was aimed at a particular inner authority page on one of our websites. This site is old, big, and shows as an authority...
  8. deathclick

    Next generation of Autoblogs - Autoforums are here!! Try it today for just $4.95!!

    Here is the first line of the Gettysburg address, before the spinner, after the spinner, and a third spin using the Best Spinner: Before: Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth, upon this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all...
  9. deathclick

    Next generation of Autoblogs - Autoforums are here!! Try it today for just $4.95!!

    A word of warning, phpBB captcha has been cracked by the latest version of xrumer (version 7). Captcha'd phpBB forums are no longer safe from being spammed to death. One other perverse aspect of all this is the better your forum shows up in the search engines, the more likely it gets spammed...
  10. deathclick Botwiz + Georgebg Amazing SEO Professionals

    I bought the basic premium u-net package with the 10% discount (thanks for that!) I am trying to fill out the ticket to create the u-net and I am wondering what exactly you want for input for the this u-net. Do you really want just the raw links or <a href> style links with anchor text, or...
  11. deathclick Botwiz + Georgebg Amazing SEO Professionals

    I am in Plimus and I don't see any discount. Is there a coupon code?
  12. deathclick

    3 reasons Why I Love Japan - NO METHODS IN HERE!

    I am not sure which I like better, the real Japan, the cybernetic realization (the amazing Hatsune Miku video in post #36 of this thread), or the meatware version of Hatsune Miku in this video:
  13. deathclick

    We are all sociopaths or borderline sociopaths

    I strongly object to the quoted OP calling the good people who create xrumer bottom feeders. And saying that about the rest of us, too. I think we are much smarter than the average bottom feeder, like the halibut I had for dinner yesterday. I have tried to teach halibut to create forum profiles...
  14. deathclick

    What the heck with **** censorship thing???

    One of the words is **********:). I got it to post by typing it as n*i*n*j*a. Why ********** is not permitted I don't know. It is not even on George Carlin's list of the 7 words you can't say on television. Perhaps ********** is a terrible Russian insult or a real Japanese ********** moderator...
  15. deathclick

    dmoz editor needed

    The editors of the various categories are listed at the very bottom of the corresponding DMOZ pages. Look at the bottom of the pages as you descend the trees. At the lowest levels you will see many categories asking for an editor to volunteer for that section. Those categories can be very dead...
  16. deathclick

    Blog Backlinks - Quick Question

    It would be much more effective if you found many different blogs and got one link each, like you would do using Scrapebox, for example. If you spam an entire blog, it is likely that those links will be completely discounted by Google as it finds them all. If every post is identical, Google will...
  17. deathclick

    Links don't count for SERPs anymore.

    I looked at the OP's SEO practitioner website, and some of the examples used are extreme outlying cases that I supposed might be considered interesting in a freakish sort of way, but are not indicative of normal SEO circumstances. After reading his site, I am not sure that even the OP believes...
  18. deathclick

    You Sometimes You Gotta Wonder....

    Yeah, I think you are so right. For competitive terms--it doesn't matter what search engine it is--a lot of the traffic is from automated software, like Scrapebox and thousands of others. I know that the engines are supposed to filter it all out, but realistically, how can they do it? With...
  19. deathclick

    My SEO strategy, need your opinion

    There are two ways to do this: 1) Just get different domains from different hosting companies, which are almost by definition on separate IPs, but you should check to make sure. Put who you got them from, login info, and any other particulars in a spreadsheet so you don't forget what you have...
  20. deathclick

    First month of CB

    The part that I would work on is the 300 order form impressions dropping to 33 order submits. In my experience that is a big drop off, but there can be a lot of reasons, like an expensive product causing the customer to abandon, a product with a high price that isn't actually revealed until you...
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