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    WTF! - VPS Company Logging in and Stopping Scrapebox tasks?

    I've had a couple of VPS connections with a company that allows Scrapebox. Recently however I think the company is logging into my servers and stopping the Scrapebox tasks that I'm running. Scrapebox does NOT appear to be crashing and the task window seems to close at some point (posting/link...
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    PBN is going to DIE in Near Future

    Yes everyone should stop using PBN's. It won't work, it will stop working, it never worked. SEO is practically dead. /sarcasm (hopefully this lowers the price of good domains!)
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    Your website is not mobile-optimized? Google will push it down the hill.

    I highly doubt this will have much emphasis on desktop, and more improtantly most niches that are mobile focused. I think the major thing will be that the SERPs will show not mobile friendly warning or make it hard to click on those SERPs to visit the page. This could obviously have a negative...
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    How to remove the unnatural links?

    I assume that means you received a penalty? Google won't remove a penalty by using the disavow tool. You'll need to actually try and remove the links. There are services that can help you do this like or you can try and do it yourself. For my clients that have received a penalty...
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    previous owner wants his domain back

    As others have stated, have him make an offer and counter it by 10-20 what he offered.
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    Am I breaking the law?

    Probably a great way to get fiverr to ban your services and keep your cash once they figure out what you are doing. Sounds risky only from that perspective.
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    [CASE STUDY] Why You Should NEVER Use Gdaddy for Your Domain Research! [PICS]

    Entirely possible, I had something similar happen to me on a few occasions, one time the domain I looked up was pretty obscure so doubtful someone registered it within 24 hours of me looking it up and it being available.
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    Someone done negative seo on my site.

    Still shocking anyone recommends using the disavow tool, especially on this forum. It's a waste of your time. The tool does not work which is why Google tells you to remove the links before every disavowing. If the disavow tool actually worked, can you imagine the abuse of the tool and how you...
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    Social Bookmarks.

    I would advise against social bookmarking sites. Those days for links are over in my opinion.
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    How to find back links from a website with scrapebox

    Scrapebox is great for just about everything but this. You will need Ahrefs to check the backlinks.
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    Looking to buy proxies not banned from PAYING BIG MONEY

    I would also love to have a solution to this. Not looking for Nike but looking to scrape a site like Nike that is hardcore about scraping.
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    This is getting out of hand!

    While true, it was NEVER abused like it has been in recent months. Everyone and their mother is jumping on the bandwagon. From what I can tell though a lot of people have no fucking clue on how to monetize though. Many just redirect me to alibaba's homepage.
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    Is it Penalty?

    What does your backlink profile look like?
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    How the HELL are these guys targeting me on Facebook? This is crazy!

    I pity the fool who's on BHW and running Adblock. That's like running a race with blinders on. Good luck winning.
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    How the HELL are these guys targeting me on Facebook? This is crazy!

    The only part I am not understanding is how in the world they are getting these campaigns approved on FB. From what I understand FB has long since cracked down on UID targeting methods, which before were amazingly effective. It's a clear breach of TOS. Like the OP I am also regularly...
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    Any way to detect where "direct" visitors come from? Massive traffic blast today

    Throw on some livechat plugin when this happens and ping a few people and ask where they are coming from. Eventually you'll find an answer.
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    SEMrush results are different

    As others have stated use a reliable rank tracker like serpfox to check your rankings, most in fact offer free trial packges to get you going.
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    Backlinks spam ..

    No there is no way. Just pay close attention to your links and be proactive. That's all you can do.
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    looking for disavow service

    Disavow service? Don't spend a penny or even a minute on such a service. Disavow doesn't help and won't help. You need to remove the links instead, try a service like to do that for you. But again, don't waste time on disavowing anything.
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    I have failed totally and utterly at IM what jobs can i get that are least soul destroying

    I respectfully disagree with this advice. You don't need to keep up on mainstream trends to make money online. None of the money I've made online has had anything to do with mainstream trends. Find a niche, buckle down and do the fucking work. I see friends of mine failing online all the time...
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