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  1. nettspring

    Making Money with rain sound on youtube ?

    I think it will work if we can record different beautiful environments. I have many beautiful places but Camara equipment is very expensive in my country so still thinking before starting this.
  2. nettspring

    Making Money with rain sound on youtube ?

    What else do you do? affiliate sorry if this is a dumb question to ask. How long did it take you to get 1000 subs and do you earn at least $100 from AdSense?
  3. nettspring

    Making Money with rain sound on youtube ?

    Do not you get approved by youtube monetize?
  4. nettspring

    Making Money with rain sound on youtube ?

    How are you doing now? Did you monetize your channel or still on the way?
  5. nettspring

    Slowed, edited, added rain sounds but still blocked by youtube. + How to make a playlist video?

    What did you mean by "Everything went well with cyberpunk"? what is the connection between rain video and cyberpunk?
  6. nettspring

    Which is better, SEO or Google AdWords?

    Really for what?
  7. nettspring

    Need WP Theme Recommendations - Looking for something that is very fast & looks great on both desktop & mobile

    I'm personally using GeneratePress and it's perfect but if you do not like it try Schema mythemeshop
  8. nettspring

    Site Hacked and Redirecting to Spammy Site + WordFence Issue

    You have to check WordPress and theme files manully, mostly index.php files let me know if you need help, totally free :)
  9. nettspring

    How much are you making as an Amazon affiliate? [SCREENSHOTS] ☑️

    Are these earnings from Amazon's affiliate site's rank in a Google 1st page? Or are there other methods?
  10. nettspring

    Can I outrank social media sites from google's 1st page ?

    No actually, I am not mean such big keywords or video roll at the top. what did you mean by search intent?
  11. nettspring

    Can I outrank social media sites from google's 1st page ?

    These days I am doing keyword research to find good low competition keywords. one thing I notice, There are social media sites like Pinterest, youtube, medium, Twitter on google's 1st page for some keywords. so I heard it is very easy to outrank these social media sites for that keywords and...
  12. nettspring


    I like to order and can I see a sample and how about the article length? ★ Article length at least 400 - 3000 words How many articles will be over 1200 words?
  13. nettspring

    Visa Virtual credit card

    what is the price for VCC FOR PAYPAL ?
  14. nettspring

    [Tutorial] How to get your first $1000 on eBay as a Dropshipper

    Yes, we can list from any country but when we add a tracking number eBay will know items ship from China and this will make our accounts flag for dropshipping from the retails website.
  15. nettspring

    Help me Please Theme Change & SEO

    Yes, changing your WordPress theme will affect your SEO, Your theme impacts your design, site speed, content formatting, and structured data—all important factors for SEO.
  16. nettspring

    godaddy or namecheap?

    with my 10 years' experience Definitely Namecheap better than Godaddy and for domain and hosting both. personally using Hostgator for hosting ( cloud hosting ) and Namecheap Managed WordPress Hosting ( only 1 site can host for each plan )
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