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    ❌THE FUTURE SEO❌17 Link-Building Types✅Huge Link Diversity & Authority✅Boost Your Ranking in 2019✅

    Hi How many links for each type? You say 300 links total, but how many PBN links, how many Guest Post links.. etc.. And is the content spun or handwritten? Also may I see some samples? Thanks
  2. O scraping script [Python]

    I see.. Said I was a newbie I must be using python 3.. Thanks anyway for the script
  3. O scraping script [Python]

    Thanks.. works well.. although there is an error in your code.. every print command needs brackets ( ) example - print URL should be print (URL) at least thats what I had to do to get it to work.. but am only a newbie!
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    ***100% Manual Niche Relevant Blog Comment Services - Powerful Link Building Strategy!!***

    I would like 50% OFF a red package.. So that's $21 to your paypal address?
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    ✔ New High Authority ▶️ 2020 ◀️ Real Sites [ DA up to 90+ ] powerful links From $9/link

    Hi. I am interested in a site list for home & garden Thanks
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    ***100% Manual Niche Relevant Blog Comment Services - Powerful Link Building Strategy!!***

    Just ordered a purple pack PayPal Transact ID = 7GG758746C9545058
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    Build backlinks to exisiting backlinks or backlinks direct to money site

    What's better.. Building backlinks to some existing backlinks to strengthen them .. or create new backlinks direct to my money site?
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    - The SMM Panel for Providers & Resellers! ✅

    I live in Australia, my only payment option is paypal I have opened a ticket requestion paypal activation username ozcam I would like to use this service, but cannot without paypal as an option Can you help?
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    - The SMM Panel for Providers & Resellers! ✅

    I want to use this service but you don't have paypal as an option..
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    [METHOD] Popups made easy! 2000$/month

    interesting read.. and food for thought thanks
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    Authority Amazon Affliate DFY Service : Up to 100K words - Make Passive Income

    I am interested in seeing a sample.. Thanks
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    ❇️❇️SERPIOLOGY-Designed for success in 2022❇️❇️Increase Your Revenue with Strong Contextual links►Handmade HQ content ►High Trust Flow 35 +❤️FLAT 50%

    Hi.. Can I see some samples of the Alpha Package. I would like to check the quality of the articles and the blogs themselves Cheers..
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    Just placed an order Gold Package Transaction ID: 46318380E0918770Y
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    help : how to make downloade.php file to redirect from website to offer ads

    Not sure exactly what you are asking but the php code to redirect is as follows header("Location:"); die();
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    Is facebook getting stricker or smarter? my acc accounts are getting banned

    With the spectre of "Fake News" hanging over Facebook it seems likely they will have to tighten the verification of new accounts amongst other things. You can expect things to get even harder for blackhat and spammers. However.. where there is a will there is a way.. and some will be clever...
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    Lynda Mirror Website ( Backdoor )

    Link has been removed..
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    Amazon and eBay affiliate at same time?

    I use both amazon and eBay on the same site, as long as you abide by each affiliates terms you should be ok..
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