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  1. dropsveter

    I share with you my youtube tools

    The youtube bot detected it.To many people used that software and the comments of the rate-bot were always the same so it was not that hard for youtube to detecting it.
  2. dropsveter

    Increase YouTube Views - Fast, Free, And Easy!

    Auto play doesn*t work anymore for more than a year .
  3. dropsveter

    custom youtube thumbs!?

  4. dropsveter

    custom youtube thumbs!?

    Are you guys new on YouTube? It dont work for almost a year anymore.
  5. dropsveter

    why youtube disable my account after 2 comments

    I think your IP is black listed.
  6. dropsveter

    custom youtube thumbs!?

    Under which rock did you come from?That don*t work for almost a year now!YouTube have made it random.
  7. dropsveter

    tutorial on how to use TUBEROBO

    Wow they banned it already! The video was more than 6 months on youtube!
  8. dropsveter

    tutorial on how to use TUBEROBO

    237 views and 3 ratings...yeah great software!
  9. dropsveter

    tutorial on how to use TUBEROBO

    Upload it here-
  10. dropsveter

    Free bot for ratings comments favorites ect..

    How to import accounts for ratings? Like this-- username : password ? And do i need to use proxies for this software?
  11. dropsveter

    New Youtube view bot

    Yes , if you post your youtube video url on this site you*re doomed! lolz
  12. dropsveter

    New Youtube view bot

    Why is your video banned? Have youtube detect the software?
  13. dropsveter

    New Youtube view bot

    Where does the views come from? Youtube can ban all accounts who using this software.
  14. dropsveter

    $100 for friend requester I will pay

    This thread smells fishy!
  15. dropsveter

    How you find vids allowing vid responses?

    You better copy the tags of a new viral video and your video gets display on the right side of that video so people will click on it.
  16. dropsveter

    I'M Giving Away 200 Ratings And Favs To Your Video

    LOL,are you talking to yourself?
  17. dropsveter

    Good computer voiceover for videos ?

    You can use Audio Record Edit Toolbox for that. It can even change the speed a bit or pich change so youtube can*t detect if it is copyrighted music.
  18. dropsveter

    yt changed again??!

    The new tube booster works
  19. dropsveter

    New Version of TubeBooster

    -edit-dubble post
  20. dropsveter

    New Version of TubeBooster

    Can someone give me the new patch of TubeBooster version The other version doesn*t work anymore. I will rate your video 1000 5stars when you pm me with the new patch.
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