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    How Can I Produce This Kind Of Humorous Sketch video?

    Any whiteboard video software with fade out effects will allow you to do that. You need to synchronize the fade outs with the audio.
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    [GET] Background Tracks For Your Videos - Free & Legal!

    Thanks WIZ for this amazing gem.
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    WizGizmo Is The Best!

    Visiting the forum after ages. Any idea what I plan to do? Go to WizGizmo's profile and find his latest posts. ;-) They are as valuable as gold, if not more. :)
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    [GET] SparkolPack 4100 Images Pack *Exclusive for BHW*

    Download & install Inkscape (freeware). Open .PNG file... select file, from Inkscape menu select: "Path>Object to path" save as .svg ... Hope this helps.
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    [GET] Whiteboard Tutorial Rabbit Animate - WSO 783999

    Not 100% sure, but I believe it can be done using fade-out and fade-in. If you want to change the direction of the object, you'll have to change the perspective (CorelDraw is best for this and you might have to create several images depending on the type of animation you want... a 10 seconds...
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    Article Teller

    Instead of writing a test article for them, I chose a direct article. It was approved within 20 hours and I was elevated to `Platinum' level. The next article was `rejected' by a different client stating that I did not follow his instructions. I raised a complaint nearly five days ago and no...
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    Do you know a way to monitor Firefox and restart if it hangs or dies

    If Firefox dies, just press ctrl+shift+esc to bring up the windows task manager. You can select Firefox and then click on `end task' option.
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    Recommend a website for improving English

    You can try this site. It is quite good.
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    [HELP] What font name is this?

    It is not Univers. In fact, the font that you are reading this post is Univers aka Helvetica. Though there are numerous sites on the internet which display fonts, searching for a particular one without knowing its name would be a tough task.
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    2 Attackers on US Embassy near me - What has the world become

    You're right bro. There hardly anything encouraging in this world nowadays. :/
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    [GET] 900+ Public Proxies - Daily Scrape

    I know bro. I am on a slow connection (512kbps) and it takes me more than an hour to check 18k. :)
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    [GET] 900+ Public Proxies - Daily Scrape

    Mind sharing your connection speed and scrapebox settings? :)
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    [GET] 900+ Public Proxies - Daily Scrape

    Will you be posting these lists on a daily basis?
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    Scrapebox for 57$ is a rumor?

    What did you mean to say? :confused:
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    Does anyone have more scrapebox proxy scrapes are trrrrrble!

    Can anybody provide their valued opinions about the above two posts?
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    Elite Private Proxies by SquidProxies - Guaranteed Working - Exclusive BHW Discount

    Thanks a lot for your reply. I'll order your proxies by the end of this month, once I've learned a bit about Scrapebox & BMD. I guess I'll require your software as well, since I am on a dynamic connection.
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    Elite Private Proxies by SquidProxies - Guaranteed Working - Exclusive BHW Discount

    I am planning to purchase 10 proxies. Can the same be used both for Scrapebox and Bookmarking Demon? Thanks in advance for your reply.
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    Scrapebox Free Anonymous Proxies

    Since you have already filtered the mother list and are providing the working ones already, you are saving us quite a lot of time. It would take my slow connection more than 4 hours to filter a 32k list :D
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    Article Marketing Robot OR BookMarking Demon?

    Both programs have their pros and cons. As far as percentage of success is concerned, I get about 25% with AMR. I purchased BMD a little time back, but did not have the time to test it out.
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    google finally do something cool.

    Went through your url and tried this out. :)
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