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  1. Don Cashola

    Is It Legal To Promote RX Pharmacys

    Yes its Legal
  2. Don Cashola

    eWhore - "I Bedded 200 Men I Met on Web"....

    Nice looking girl Id still tap that 11 months later
  3. Don Cashola

    Man Gets Paid To Do Sex 72 Times, And Fails!

    this guy whored him self out for $35 a pop imagine if this were an affiliate program you guys would start a new section under "e-whoring" called "male whoring" just a thought
  4. Don Cashola

    these 2 sites lets you compare affiliate programs

    did you try doing a search of the terms dating matchmaking or personal?
  5. Don Cashola

    Importante Question For Godaddy

    Dude are you begging for tech support on the forum youshould go over to the free lancer section or contact godaffys wonderful 24/7 tech support team...:dot:
  6. Don Cashola

    What's Your Favorite Drug?

    Pass that 5hit
  7. Don Cashola

    What's Your Favorite Drug?

    weed and adderall ( smoking and popping pills right now )
  8. Don Cashola

    How to promote my adult site?

    aff is really saturated id pick something that does not have 10+ million members
  9. Don Cashola

    I got into demonoid without invitation

    Sounds like my free pass to fun w/ bootlegs shi*t is now seating passengers thanks Man! Yahh !!! ....BRB... ....LOL
  10. Don Cashola

    I use Cricke*t Wireless + RR simple and easy!

    UPDATE: Cricket Wireless Internet Browser {For} Changing Ip's I now use a macro to automate the process + cra*p cleaner and roboform every 10 mins or so to make different identity(s) for social networking hehe GUYS REAL TALK RT Don't forget the power of multiplicity, automation :trytofly...
  11. Don Cashola

    I use Cricke*t Wireless + RR simple and easy!

    I use it to change my ip plug in plug out clean cookies with c*cleaner and re-connect... I use it with Roadrunner becuz its slow as a dinosauurrr...byyy itttsss self lmao so its like 35$ a month
  12. Don Cashola

    I think blackhat karma caught up with me.

    Hey Guys I Think Karma is a religion and Yes only if you see it that way...( I e you did wrong and now wrong is happening to you ) The way I see it bad things happen all the time even to good people... the sun shines on the good and the bad.
  13. Don Cashola

    Facebook Impersonation On The Increase

    another reason to use phones as the next biggest hit communication device. I could make an ebook called: 7 Critical things you need to avoid being ripped a new asshole by FB What you don't know about your face book and other socail networking friends can cost you... Learn how to use this...
  14. Don Cashola

    Busted For Extreme CL Blackhatting...

    The classifieds Web site Craigslist warns its users to avoid scams by dealing "locally with folks you can meet in person." But Max Stiles learned the hard way last month that meeting in person could be the scam itself, particularly when the local folks present guns instead of a motorcycle they...
  15. Don Cashola

    To all the hiphop heads

    rick ross sister rated him out lol yea but 50 aint a wannabe like plies and fucking ja rule
  16. Don Cashola

    Life Changing Decision ? an un-fucked pussy Duh
  17. Don Cashola

    To all the hiphop heads

    omg he was a cop? lol thats the weakest thing ever lol thats lamer than ja-rule being a jehovahs witness lol
  18. Don Cashola

    Life Changing Decision ?

    smell her pussy when she comes in from hanging out with "the girls" that way you know whats up.
  19. Don Cashola

    Need revenge tips: Just found a guy who scammed me 5 years ago

    Invest in a baseball bat or golf clubs wait for him to come home late night and put some stars to his head, proceed to take out all the credit cards and money spit and his face Keep the money, but immediately USE his credit card to FunD your CPA offers Sit back and enjoy the thousands of k...
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