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    [Method] Amazon to eBay Drop-shipping Done Right! Spoon Fed! *Long/Detailed*

    @ lewy2k I dont understand how you find popular products that sell all the time. I really dont seem to sell the same product over and over again. Maybe 5 percent of what I have listed sell a couple times, but then usually dries out. I get sales from different items that I keep listing as my...
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    [Method] Amazon to eBay Drop-shipping Done Right! Spoon Fed! *Long/Detailed*

    Great post! I have been doing the same thing as yourself for almost a year now! Have had my ups and downs with a record of 6000$ in sales in one month! It was great! Recently though, very down. I had to cancel a bunch of orders(which I should have just bit the bullet and paid the ebay fee...
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    Today i hit 1k$ a day [method inside]

    Be a little more specific? What gigs?
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    Which Spinner should I use?

    I am deciding between best spinner and chief spinner. All I see is a bunch of testimonials on the best spinner. On spinner chief I see a bunch of integrated features- scraping, plugins, seo stuff? Is that not in the best spinner? Chief is cheaper as well. Any suggestions?
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    How many keywords should a article have?

    About 4 times-Try underlying, bolding, italizing your keywords. I would recommend just 1 keyword per article in a long tail title. Keep it lazer focused..
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    Which is the Best plugin to use in Wordpress for amazon affiilate?

    Also reccommened SEO Processor...Genius!
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    Please help me

    Go find people who are good at doing this and are being successful. Model what they do
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    Thinking about joining Empower Network, Any members available?

    Empower Network is fantastic. I really dont think Ive seen a better company with better people with better problems.
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    What is the best way to add a WP feed to Gplus stream?

    Copy and past is all I sure there is something out there, just have to find it.
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    Google Places Help

    So I started a place on google last april or so for a real estate agent and Ive seen his ad pop up on the first page here and there. Town is about 120k and many local real estate agents are on there of course. He just now started getting ratings and reviews from his clients, told him a long...
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    My first sale!!!!!!!!

    I still gotta be cool:)
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    My first sale!!!!!!!!

    I was actually really surprised. I started this site almost a year ago and put only original content on it knowing that it was highly competive. Recently submitted it to directories a bit ago though the traffic on the site hasnt really increased, actually decreased. I knew its a long term...
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    My first sale!!!!!!!!

    Your welcome..dont quit you can figure it out. Just dont ever quit....its not in your vocab:)
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    My first sale!!!!!!!!

    Thanks guys, Ever since I got out of network marketing my success has improved much so. It feels so good to hopefully start building more and go after some easier niches and hopefully fire my boss and pay all my bills:) Wont get ahead of myself though...ha Thanks BHW!
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    My first sale!!!!!!!!

    Worth 253$!!!! Yes...Just wanted to say thank you to BHW and for the material they provide. Could never do it without you. I wish I could enjoy it more but Im so hungover. Just woke up this morning with 2 commissions worth 253. And if you struggling dont give up just hang around here for a...
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    Ads dont run because of slow load time

    I use WP and havent gotten kicked off yet. I use a couple cache plugin and another one to help make my site load faster. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    Any good free directory submitters

    Thanks Ms Palin...I always knew I could count on you:)
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    Any good free directory submitters

    Could someone reccommend a good one. FREE. I dont like the ones I am finding
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