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  1. Tamalkrishna

    Is a copyscape premium search enough ?

    Hey, thanks! I didn't know about 1text before. I have always used the free tool provided by Duplichecker.
  2. Tamalkrishna

    How Do You Set Up Email For Your Wordpress Site With You Custom Domain

    I use GetResponse for email marketing. I can easily send emails to my subscribers using my custom domain. All I required to do was to verify my custom email and add it to GetResponse. Once added, you get an option to choose the email address you want to send the emails from when sending a...
  3. Tamalkrishna

    Blogger newbie

    I guess I can give you hundreds of tips I learned duing my 10+ years of blogging. But I won't do that. Because a simple Google search for blogging related tips will bring lots of results with lots to different tips. You can easily find out about them. I will give you the important tips i feel is...
  4. Tamalkrishna

    Website Hacked

    This is simple issue. I don't think it will be a problem in case you have a backup already with you. It may be a problem for you if you don't have any backup. I guess you already have a back up. So her's my solution to your problem - Just reinstall WordPress and restore all your files and...
  5. Tamalkrishna

    How can i get a free traffic in my New website Please any help !

    There are many different ways to get free traffic to your website. You can continuously promote your site online on social media. That's the best way. However I am sharing some of the methods that may help you in the journey. Get Listed in Online Directories. ... Build More Backlinks to your...
  6. Tamalkrishna

    Some Free Backlinks

    Thanks for sharing. However these kinds of links don't work anymore as they used to work a few years back. SEO has changed a lot nowadays. Now the best way to build backlinks is only building links from pages that have related contents. Otherwise your won't really do anything for the betterment...
  7. Tamalkrishna

    * Journey To $1500/Month With Instagram

    Best of luck on your journey ....
  8. Tamalkrishna


    I am interested. Send me the book.
  9. Tamalkrishna

    [METHOD] Rank your videos on YouTube like a Pro

    Wonderful information. Thanks buddy.
  10. Tamalkrishna

    Is it possible to transfer money from PayPal to Payoneer in 2018?

    No. PayPal won't directly let you transfer funds from your PayPal account to Payoneer account. You can use third party exchange services which will cost you some money.
  11. Tamalkrishna

    How to prevent youtube videos from getting deleted?

    In case your videos are getting deleted immediately after being uploaded, I guess there are serious problems with your account. Please contact YouTube and get a clear explanation about what is really happening with you. Because only YouTube can tell you exactly what's going on. None of the...
  12. Tamalkrishna

    My Shopify Dropshipping Journey To $30.000/month with Minimal Investments

    Great planning. Best of luck. Hope you find success in the journey. Keep us updated.
  13. Tamalkrishna

    Shopify Journey To XXXX A Month -Khan is Back

    Wonderful journey. Very specific goals. I believe that it won't be difficult for you to reach one million dollar mark soon. I believe why most people usually fail is because they are afraid to take action because of fears of failure. Just don't fall victim to fear. They say you have to get up...
  14. Tamalkrishna - 15 000 private proxy for 195$/month. Free test for 6 hours. Shared Proxies

    Proxy the fire, on my service have reached is famously. Recommend
  15. Tamalkrishna Anyone??

    Heard some good reviews about them. Just wanted to know if someone here tried.
  16. Tamalkrishna Anyone??

    Has anyone here tried for CPA offers? They seem to send good quality human traffic. What was your experience?
  17. Tamalkrishna

    I am New Here Searching to Earn $100 Per Day Methods

    I suggest you try affiliate marketing. If you are just new in this field. It may be confusing for you. But it is not . Affiliate marketing is simply making sales of other people's products and getting commissions for each sale you make. You have to be creative when you promote a product. There...
  18. Tamalkrishna

    Why Clickbank university affiliate link is not working?

    I don't know what is happening with clickbank university affiliate link. As far as I know everything is fine. But when clicked my CB university affiliate link is saying : The target URL was invalid. Please contact the vendor. I don't understand where is the problem. Has any one of you faced this...
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