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  1. terezek

    Selling Monetized Youtube Channels

    Hi, DM the available channels, thanks
  2. terezek

    [AMA]I made over 700k€ in around1,5 years of droshipping, ask me anything

    Very interesting journey indeed! Congrats! These days I'm really starting to wonder if my decision to choose Woocommerce for dropshipping was a wise one. I've almost finished my store but the whole thing is a pain in the ass to maintain and for some reason the site gives me the impression that...
  3. terezek

    Alec Baldwin fatally shoots woman with prop gun on movie set

    The tragic irony is that the plot of the movie is about an Old West outlaw, who goes on the run with his 13-year-old grandson after the latter is sentenced to death for an unintentional murder!
  4. terezek

    Smishing | SMS Phishing

    Just got an SMS where it said that my bank account is frozen and an immediate action is needed with a link. The sender was the name of the bank (letters, not numbers) I copied the link on desktop and of course it was a cloned page of the bank's Login page. Does anyone know which tools or...
  5. terezek

    ⭐GET Unlimited WordPress Themes and Plugins⚡FESTINGERVAULT.COM ❤️Automatic Updates | Bulk Downloads | VirusTotal Reports ➡️ REGISTER FOR A BONUS!⚜️

    Hello Festinger! Request for this theme. Mystik: Much Appreciated!
  6. terezek

    Wtf is this, This BS nft sold for $270k

    Actually it is called money laundering!
  7. terezek

    ⚛️ FUELTOK ⚛️ TikTok Bot On The Cloud To Follow/Unfollow Accounts Automatically | TikTok Likes & Views

    Get Discount. Username: terezek Do you have a similar service for Instagram? Thanks
  8. terezek

    ✅➡️ Fast Services - High Quality - Lifetime Guarantee - 24/7 Support ⬅️

    Username: teresek Add test balance please to check the service. Enable Automatic Paypal Payments, I want to check if everything is working flawlessly, I am big player and I don't want to lose time if your service is good. Thanks!
  9. terezek | SMM Panel | Advanced Dripfeed Option | Non-Drop Youtube Views | HQ Instagram Followers | 200+ SMM Services

    Username: terezek Please enable reseller rates, set up the review copy and activate PayPal. Thank you!
  10. terezek

    Is Shopify slow or am I missing something?

    Well I suppose I am geek! lol I believed Shopify was super fast but in reality is just... ok. With slow site speeds you lose customers, that's why it bothers me and I don't like that at all. Shopify is slower than I thought. Way slower actually!
  11. terezek

    Is Shopify slow or am I missing something?

    Long story short, I want to build a dropshipping store fast on shopify so I've checked many themes. I've ended up to Debutify and Turbo from Out of the Sandbox. Turbo is considered the fastest.(from what I've read) Debutify is hands down the most beautiful theme I've ever seen on Shopify. Now...
  12. terezek

    Shopify vs Wordpress//Woocommerce — Dropshipping Questions

    Thank you for your answer LovelyUnicron, it's really appreciated!
  13. terezek

    Shopify vs Wordpress//Woocommerce — Dropshipping Questions

    Thank you guys, I believe I will flip a coin, I can't choose!
  14. terezek

    Shopify vs Wordpress//Woocommerce — Dropshipping Questions

    Precious Info here! Thanks Durangoal! Don't want to bother you but can you suggest me some apps on Shopify? Like VITALS, Klaviyo etc. Could you tell me which you use and have helped you/not having any problems?
  15. terezek

    Shopify vs Wordpress//Woocommerce — Dropshipping Questions

    Thank you Durangoal! In my country Shopify Payments is not an option. FML I really like the idiot-proof GUI of Shopify and the one click all shit. But the fees!!! My real fear is that I would pay $200-$300/month for a couple of months and honestly I don't know if I'll have any sales. What...
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