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    I have an offline what?

    Yep, forget the book! I would supply the notes to your talk, plus additional info via email, so give them just one URL to write down at the event. Get them to opt-in to your list on that URL, and then you can drip-feed them the Notes, Audios, PDFs, videos etc over time, including affiliate...
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    The Lawn Service Step-by-Step Manual...

    How to triple your income with very little work: Find a number of businesses who do non-competing work - Fencing, Landscaping design, painting, sheds, roofing, building, plumbing, drainage, driveways etc Tell each business you get leads for their type of business & will they pay you 5% or 10%...
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    Offline Idea - JV with Wedding Photographers

    I gave some friends a present of a website with all their wedding photos on & they seemed pleased with the results. A couple of guests emailed in their best photos as well. site was used a bit for a couple of weeks but then hardly used at all, which is expected. BUT Hard to make money from a...
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    Wordpress: tags & categories - Any guide to getting best SEO results using AllInOne SEO?

    Hi, can you point me to any resources that explain how best to setup your WP blog with All In One SEO plugin, especially how you use Tags & Categories to maximise your SEO results. Thanks
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    SEO And Web Marketing Consultant - Easy money or impossible?

    This blog post gives an interesting insight into the potential difficulties for the offline consultant. Personally, it's far too pessimistic but usefully balances the sales pages of other over-hyped offline gold niche. Remember it's also pre-selling an SEO product by putting the frighteners...
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    I have Customers But what Do I Provide

    Have you searched BHW for 'offline' & 'seo' & 'howie' as there is some great stuff around but you need to read any reviews to get a feel of the quality. Howie's stuff is all about getting backlinks AND getting lots of content on page 1 of Google, promoting your client's website, product or...
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    [VID]How to Use Google SideWiki For Maximum Profit.

    Is anyone seeing any traffic from their Sidewiki exploits? I've only put up about 10 Sidewikis on high traffic sites, but yet to see any traffic from them. I know this tool will get better with age but just wondering if it's working for others. I did find out that putting a Sidewiki comment...
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    Anyone running ongoing free prize draws, sweepstakes to build local email list?

    Been working on a way to get local shops/ restaurants/ takeaways/ days out places to give away vouchers/ meals/ tickets etc in exchange for being promoted in a local (100000 population) monthly email newsletter that people want to read, to see if they have won a prize. The businesses would...
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    How to set up a membership site in under 6 minutes

    Interesting LONG video showing how to use free resources & Wordpress to get a mem. site up & running. Might be useful to some?
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    [VID]How to Use Google SideWiki For Maximum Profit.

    I think I would be wary of this as it could possibly remind/ encourage your website visitors to use the Sidewiki which is fine as long as they like your site. If they don't like your site or your products or services, then you might just be encouraging negative comments. I can understand the...
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    [VID]How to Use Google SideWiki For Maximum Profit.

    Really useful news - Especially the bit about Blogger blogs showing up! Appreciated!
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    services for small businesses ?

    1) Make 1/2 minute sideshow videos for businesses & put them on Youtube etc. 2) Get them listed on Google Local 3) Get some good 1st/2nd page positions for web 2.0 sites, then charge monthly to promote a business on them - Search for How*ie or Schw*artz on BHW, there is lots here. 4) Offer...
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    Is this a good idea? $2000 in a day?

    been thinking along the same lines - lots of people out of work and wanting online income. could work as seminars and online. anyone in uk on south coast interested in teaming up?
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    Looking for a host that allows unlimited sites

    Yes, I avoid godaddy for that reason. Guru was talking about Big spam accusation problems and their policy of extorting money from domain owners based on unverifiable complaints.
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    Any suggestions for UK based hosting for Wordpress sites

    Hi, would appreciate any suggestions of good low cost hosting companies that are UK based and offer Wordpress one-click type installation and multi-domain hosting. I'm using Dreamhost and they have been good but Google does not show sites in 'pages from the UK' search if hosted in USA...
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    The Easiest and Quickest $100 A Day I Know

    (This might have been suggested before but I didn't see it in the previous replies that I read, in this great thread). My PC has Vista and has built-in Speech Recognition software that is brilliant! Just go to the 'Control Panel', then 'Ease Of Access', then 'Speech Recognition Options' are...
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    hot Source Codes jb v6

    Fantastic - made my day! Thanks
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