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  1. pennypenguin

    My pc noises badly on and off, should i worry

    You gotta find out where the noise is coming from - definitely not good but okay if you can replace the issue. I like my computers running SILENT. It seems like a fan and are usually a cheap replacement, maybe CPU or rarely PSU if under heavy load. You can use a software called SPEEDFAN to...
  2. pennypenguin

    Top4smm / Lifetime Guarantee. Time to brake the rules. Now it's your turn \ Youtube * Instagram

    Hey overtrade, signed up and would love to give this a spin! Any amount is appreciated. Login: myadoge - Thank you!
  3. pennypenguin

    Saying Hello after a Long Time!

    I am happy to go back to lurking your posts :)
  4. pennypenguin

    I went to see a dermatologist

    My family genetics has some skin issues. Not sure what you're 'facing' (hehe). Betamethasone - this works wonders for skin irritation / blemishes. I always recommend to people when I can and has helped a ton of people.
  5. pennypenguin

    Which aff offers sells more: Finance or Health?

    Well you picked the two biggest niches I think - just gotta know which products to pick.. crazy money in health if you can solve a problem and finance if you can help make people money. I have personally seen the backend of sites doing more than 1million each month in both niches.
  6. pennypenguin

    Career advice...

    You're at the right place! It all comes down trading time for money or making money with money. What can you do or learn and what is your risk tolerance.
  7. pennypenguin

    [GET] Free Moz reports

    Nice offer, appreciate the giveaway :)
  8. pennypenguin

    Starting as an NFT artist any advice?

    Search around here for some of the journey threads. It's a pretty new space but already lots of noise... There are some key factors you have to manipulate yourself. Super lucrative if you can pull it off and cut through that noise. Unfortunately a lot of work is done in private conversation...
  9. pennypenguin

    Show me some fewd porn

    I love the joke posts, but SOME of you gotta be eating good around here - Show me something fancy!
  10. pennypenguin

    PARTNER.SOC-PROOF.SU ➡️ Telegram Members $0.24, Russian Instant members - $0.9, FREE Views. Provider for Insta / TG / YT / FB

    Hey proof, are you still offering trial / test funds? Would like to give this a go! pennypenguin
  11. pennypenguin


    $30 gets you a .com, cheap hosting, build out a super high quality niche blog or directory site. Sell links on it for $1. Reinvest that money into affiliate site and sending it traffic. Or just do manual spam. $0 but your time.
  12. pennypenguin


    Hey Dalton, would love this to give your panel a try - happy to leave an honest review :) thanks for the years of service
  13. pennypenguin

    [FREE] Canva for Education Account for active members

    Nice giveaway - wondering if this is still available as well :) thanks
  14. pennypenguin

    If you had $100 to your name, what would you do?

    Young PP: When I was husting, $100 was a lot. I would buy things online for $20 and sell it locally. Target was $80-$90...4x... Decent ROI right? I'll share an item here with you BHW folk. It was OBD2 Scanners from china. Buyers were local DIY mechanics. That hustle funded my college life...
  15. pennypenguin

    Hey everyone!

    Welcome HandBanana - interesting name! Web Dev / IT guy over here - nice to meet ya :)
  16. pennypenguin - Instagram main provider | HIGH QUALITY | Prices starting from $0.003 | Minimum deposit 1$

    Appreciate the fast response! Just wanted to leave a quick review. Interface is nice. They keep it simple targeting Instagram follows / likes / views. The orders came in fast. Drop rates seem low. No location selection. Accounts are mixed - solid quality w/ some just numbered accounts (all have...
  17. pennypenguin — Instant SMM Panel | SMM Provider Panel With Low Prices and Instant Services⭐ Price Starts from 0.01$ ⭐

    Hey there! UI design looks good. Any test credit will do. Checking around for account quality. Will be happy to leave an honest review :) Cheers! Pennypenguin
  18. pennypenguin

    Is crypto mining still profitable?

    I personally mine ETH with GPUs that I find cheap from old computers. There is a lot of good information here already, but yes it is profitable but barely for some. LOTS to learn! Different cards have different profitability. If you're going to invest for the long-term you'll need a road map...
  19. pennypenguin | Social Media Marketing with high quality services and cheap price.

    Hey @Donawoite - would love to give this a run :) User: penny penguin
  20. pennypenguin - SMM PANEL | Free Test | Buy Cheap Instagram - YouTube - Spotify - Twitter - TikTok And More! INSTANT & 24 HRS SUPPORT!

    I just wanted to leave an honest review here for others coming here in 2021. I appreciate the team staying on top of the communication on a thread since 2017. Similar to other SMM services / panels but simple old school interface. They state the quality of each service (low / high). Lots of...
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