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  1. omnipotent$

    Best site to buy adult and mobile traffic?

    Try trafficjunky and exoclick. TrafficJunky requires a $100 minimum deposit and exoclick is $200 minimum.
  2. omnipotent$

    Teen article site

    Once he generates a big enough user base from his site and gets legit with his operations, someone can entertain the offer to buy him out at some point. Tumblr was just a simple micro-blogging site in 2007. And today, Yahoo buys Tumblr for $1.1 billion. A large part of their demographics is...
  3. omnipotent$

    Teen article site

    You should follow through with your idea. Especially because of fact that the target demographic that's leaving facebook is the teen demographic. So if your site explodes, you might be the next company facebook wants to buy. Timing is everything.
  4. omnipotent$

    [Making Money]CLICKBANK HELP

    As a newbie, start with the high gravity products on clickbank. If it's working for them, then there's a good chance that it'll work for you. When you have stable income coming in, then you can start looking for the diamonds in the rough in clickbank (Products that hasn't been marketed to death...
  5. omnipotent$

    Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket vs. Focus On One Method

    In the early stages of IM, it's better to learn one craft inside out before venturing out into the hundreds of methods out there. Because 9 times out of 10, this one method you learn is going to be your bread maker and the other skills you pick up just helps you diversify a bit (unless you...
  6. omnipotent$

    Can i crack this niche?

    If you can see web 2.0 properties and affiliate sites on the first page, you can rank as long as you have a good enough linkslist to compete. The only time I'll be weary of certain keywords is if I see a ton of authority plugging up the first page. Like webmd, wikipedia, amazon, etc. Seeing...
  7. omnipotent$

    Direct Linking or Presell to Clickbank Products

    Some products need a presell page and others will convert just fine on a direct link. You just have to test direct linking with say, 500 hops. Then a presell page before the offer with 500 hops. From there you would see what's more effective. Nothing is really cut and dry in IM, if it were...
  8. omnipotent$

    woww just created a new gig on fiverr and already making money:)

    Congrats on your success. Number one rule, don't get complacent. Keep working smart, consistently.
  9. omnipotent$

    Can you Rank a Brand New site with Just High PR Links?

    Yeah you can rank with just high pr links. Your ability to rank quickly depends on your on-page seo, how tough it is to crack the top 10 list and your links.
  10. omnipotent$

    Best Method to earn Money

    You should read through the money making sections in the forum, and pick the one method you're most comfortable with and stick to it. Everyone is making money through different methods, you just have to choose one and hang on for the ride.
  11. omnipotent$

    Ranking drop - Google update or single blogroll?

    If you recently added some links, you're going to see some ranking changes. Wait it out for a week then check your rankings again.
  12. omnipotent$

    People who are victims of abuse blog

    It could be a good start to getting some money coming in. But if you want to make serious money in low traffic niches, you're going to have to go to paid traffic and get that offer everywhere on the net. Small consistent steps leads to fat paydays if you have a plan of action.
  13. omnipotent$

    Google Penalty or Extreme Google Dance

    When you modify your content and start deleting pages, Google reshuffles your site to see where you're supposed to rank. It's just a google dance because of the amount of changes you made to your site.
  14. omnipotent$

    Hello BHW Members My fisrt Day on BHW

    Welcome to BHW samycodehack.
  15. omnipotent$

    Social Media Visitors to Blog Down by 90%!!!

    There was a change on their news feed algorithm. There are a few threads about the issue on BHW and even a petition on to reverse the recent changes.
  16. omnipotent$

    Journey to $200/day with ClickBank

    Good luck on your journey. Stay consistent and you will see results.
  17. omnipotent$

    crawl my website?

    I would focus more on ranking than indexing though, because all the activities that go with ranking (adding content, building links, etc) will naturally index your site.
  18. omnipotent$

    How to Get top in Google First page within short time? And just read and re-read the ones that has to do with ranking sites.
  19. omnipotent$

    Untraceable on the Internet?

    Here is a little something I read today:
  20. omnipotent$

    Hi Guys

    Welcome to BHW ringnews24.
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