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  1. Rasacz

    [method] how i got to top #1 position without it costing me a dime

    That word is d-o-f-o-l-l-o-w probably.
  2. Rasacz

    GAIN AUTHORITY With WIKIPEDIA | SEO SMASHER | 17K+ Words Unique Content Serious SEO

    I've ordered two packages already and im really impressed with the results. I was away for some time and now im testing things out. I expected much, got even more. Really good results and it looks like it's just a beginning. Thanks a lot, recommended!
  3. Rasacz

    If is Google so good at detecting duplicated content then why..

    Another great post from Scritty. He's completelly right - good isn't as good as it pretend to be. It must make money and if they are improving - that's only because of money. There are A LOT of sites taking first serps spots with only duplicate content - you can't disagree with that. IMO you...
  4. Rasacz

    My journey to youtube+clickbank

    Hi! I've moved out of business completelly - now im taking care of other people videos and some sites of my own.
  5. Rasacz

    Private Blog Network Suppliers

    I may know where to get some high pr blogs on tumblr on which you can build your super private blog network. If you are interested then skype: Rasacz Thanks!
  6. Rasacz

    Where can I buy extremely authoritative backlinks?

    You can build your own private network on tumblr with pr3+ and PA35+ for few bucks per domain! If you are interested then add me on skype: Rasacz Thanks ;)
  7. Rasacz

    Private Networks - Auto Posting and Spinning?

    I can provide you some high pr tumblr blogs for few bucks each and then you can use uber blog creator to automatize your network. There's also an reblogging tool that you can use for building links. My skype: Rasacz
  8. Rasacz

    Ultimate Authority Sites – Aged PR Domain • Forum • Free Hosting • Premium Design

    Review: The site i've got is EXCELLENT quality. Everything looks so clear and authority. The articles are also great quality, error free and really informative. Ads placement's amazing too! I've asked AzonGeek some questions and he replied for all and gave me usefull advices. Overall: 10/10 -...
  9. Rasacz

    How to make a good blog network?

    Hi! If you want to build something bigger for quite cheap then skype me. I can get you some PR3 and above domains with page authority of 40+ for few bucks each. My skype: Rasacz
  10. Rasacz

    jman112 - need a refund!!

    Hi! I know ScrapeboxWorker from some time and he did some work for me so im vouching for him if there's any problem.
  11. Rasacz

    Need 30x Jr. VIP's to Beta Test the Best SEO Software in the history of BHW!!!

    If there is any place left then im definitelly in. I can leave video review or whatever you want and report any bugs and anything lacking in software. Im free and ready!
  12. Rasacz

    I need your help to make 100$

    Don't even like mad. It's only 4 - 5 articles a day.
  13. Rasacz

    My ranking in the Serps (great improvement, but not enough!)

    That's probably because of "binary options" is much harder keyword than others you use and many more sites use it so it's harder to get even into top500.
  14. Rasacz ✅ Self-Service Private Proxies ✅ Instant IP Refresh ✅ Just $0.88/IP + $0.00/GB ⭐Get +50% FREE⭐

    Hi! I purchased 100 proxies but they won't work like they should.. im harvesting way more with public proxies from bhw.. And i guess i will get response after new year or so. Hell, i need them so hard. Please contact me or fix it when you can. Thanks
  15. Rasacz

    Free 100 Private Proxies For You!

    Any left? Im in!
  16. Rasacz ✅ Self-Service Private Proxies ✅ Instant IP Refresh ✅ Just $0.88/IP + $0.00/GB ⭐Get +50% FREE⭐

    Hi! Purchased 100 proxies - my ID is 0844792706244070B Thanks!
  17. Rasacz

    1 page web2.0's or blog posts on pr network - pros and cons?

    Why don't mix both? I can provide you as much high pr web 2.0 domains as you want. Can be high PA, any number of backlinks and any niche you want. If you are interested then my skype is: Rasacz
  18. Rasacz

    price of authority site

    Im not sure, probably just cost of articles and few bucks for set up and domain name.
  19. Rasacz

    price of authority site

    The niche is stock market, all articles pass copyscape and articles are fine quality. Where can i sell it?
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