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  1. Getwhatchuwant

    Deleted Domain worthwhile anymore?

    Generally speaking, if the domain has no penalty, no spam and good authority links, but it has sat unused for a while, is there any benefit to building the site out? As an example: If I start a Car blog and I find a site with backlinks from Scholarly Mechanical and Automotive engineering sites...
  2. Getwhatchuwant

    Affiliate API's

    Someone explain the capabilities to me as someone who has no technical knowledge, because I don't. I am asking because I would like to create a site with its own cart but all the sensitive info goes directly to the vendor, but I can capture the names an emails so I can build a list as they...
  3. Getwhatchuwant

    Okay, I know it was on you that did this. Who was it?

    I only looked at a couple of sites. So I cant say for sure, in at least one case it was for links, in another the web cam stuff was on the site, so it was for clicks there. And on one site I didnt see links at all just a new page called ebony web cam. So the site was...
  4. Getwhatchuwant

    Increase sales of ecommerce/woocommerce website selling SARMs

    Are you the supplier or are you just dropshipping? Where is the product sourced? Depending on the answers I might look to join.
  5. Getwhatchuwant

    Okay, I know it was on you that did this. Who was it?

    Some of the sites had links on them.. One had to do with buying written papers for students. I cant remember the sites though. Other sites had links to webcams but I did not click them I havent bothered to check to see who is ranking for teen cam girls or ebony cam girls today
  6. Getwhatchuwant

    Do e-commerce sites blogs rank just as well as affiliate pure blogs?

    it depends on the ecomm site too. they have to write for products, brand names etc. on top of all the informational type posts. also reviews on your own site dont seem as genuine. where writing for information you can write topic, sub topic, sub sub topic, tips, hints and reviews all for a...
  7. Getwhatchuwant

    Okay, I know it was on you that did this. Who was it?

    Yes someone hacked and a number of sites..big ones. Those arent the only 3 either
  8. Getwhatchuwant

    Okay, I know it was on you that did this. Who was it?

    Check it out, Aliexpress now sell teen cam girils and bestreviews just reviewed them..then LA weekly covered the review
  9. Getwhatchuwant

    ███ The PBN Made for Real Businesses & SEO Agencies ███ The Wolf Network ✅ Homepage Links ✅ 8 OBL ✅ Results Focused

    Im going to PM you a site if you dont mind and you can let me know if it is something you would consider.
  10. Getwhatchuwant

    Method | How to publish guest post on edu platforms?

    Very cool. I have seen a few of these types of links from link sellers. My son is enrolled in a local college and just saw that their site has a "news/life" page that students can contribute to. Its not hosted on any of those sites, its a subdomain of the main site and has to be approved by...
  11. Getwhatchuwant

    To redo or not to redo? (site structure questions)

    It does have some decent ranking in non car categories so what I ended up doing is making a static homepage and kept the posts on the front page that have some keywords movement as "featured" posts the categories are still the menu and there is no url structure change. only thing that is...
  12. Getwhatchuwant

    To redo or not to redo? (site structure questions)

    I'd like to hear some suggestions regarding effective site structure and advice on how you would proceed in my case. Like all of us, I want my "where to find, buy, review and purchase" pages to have great rankings. But first I need to make sure my own site is giving it the appropriate love...
  13. Getwhatchuwant

    Clickable map that leads to inner page suggestion

    Better to show you than tell you, here is an example of what I am hoping to accomplish. Basically the user hovers over the map and they click the area and they are directed to an inner page on your site. Every search query I am using is simply giving me "google...
  14. Getwhatchuwant

    How do websites like make money?

    Funny story, my girlfriend used to write for WebMD, too bad I met her after she already stopped. I would have loved a link from that website! :)
  15. Getwhatchuwant

    Question about my sidebar and featured posts

    I currently have 4 or 5 posts pinned to my sidebar, which of course show up on every page of the site. I am thinking of grabbing a plugin (unless someone teaches me to do it without one) and having those featured posts show up in the appropriate category for the post. My blog is pretty general...
  16. Getwhatchuwant

    How do websites like make money?

    I like their approach. They speak in plain English so anyone can do something like that if you can interpret data. I only checked a couple of pages but the do follow every link in their articles (that i've seen) but they only link out to studies as far as I know. And then they interlink the...
  17. Getwhatchuwant

    [Guide] DR 90 Do-follow High Quality Contextual Link - Fast Indexing

    Interesting. I see this has a free trial, what happens after the trial? Does the link disappear?
  18. Getwhatchuwant

    Progress of a NEW website and some INTERESTING stats

    I am getting very little traffic right now and ranking is very slow even after pruning and rewriting several posts. On the flip side its moving up inch by inch, I am just anxious to get to the first page since the first 3-5 page ranking came quickly. It is the only site I work on BTW. Really...
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