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    [Beta Testers] FREE Email Verification for Serious Mailers

    Sorry guys, but we are only looking for experienced mailers that can put volume through the system right away. If you are just getting started mailing, that's cool, good luck. Hit me up when you are all set up and running some volume. Also, this an enterprise grade product used by large...
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    [Beta Testers] FREE Email Verification for Serious Mailers

    We represent an email verification company and are looking for daily mailers to utilize our service free of charge in exchange for your basic sending results. Who meets the criteria? - you send mail 4-10 times a week. - you send mail to different lists that need validation often. Fresh data -...
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    BluSpin SEO - Service Closed

    Follow-Up. 4 months ago I got this service for one of my sites.. No other link building has been done. Site is still on page 1 for all keywords, positions, 1, 3, 4. Luka knows his shit. :cool:
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    [Bulk SEO Domains] High quality domains at LOWEST prices! 400000+ available! [SEMimpact]

    Got a review copy, and i'm impressed. I was just starting a new PBN and these sites are golden. A+++ Thanks! Highly recommended.
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    Dinner on Friday?

    +1 Schwagoo is in for dinner. Meathead and I will be rolling from the airport in a Limo :)
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    SEO Sales Lunatic | SEO Sales Video Series | SEOs Gone Wild

    Haha thanks Netmoney. Follow the list and you will be OK. If you skip numbers 1 and 5, you can't do the others for too long :) I haven't made any of these videos in a while. BUT I will be speaking at the UNGAGGED in November. You won't want to miss this. Session Title: "Finding your Customers'...
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    BluSpin SEO - Service Closed

    I got a review copy from SEO Master Luka. I've known Luka for several years, and he REALLY knows his shit. I knew when I first saw his feature list that this service was going to be just what the doctor ordered. The target site is a regional provider for a high-value service. Each new...
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    DD ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - Video
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    [Beta Testers Needed] SEO Staff Automation Software

    Still a couple spots open for Beta testing this product. Post up if you are interested.
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    [Beta Testers Needed] SEO Staff Automation Software

    Thanks guys. Pricing isn't set yet. Will be a monthly hosted service with cost based on staff/users (5,10,25,100,etc)
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    Creative Authority Private Network | DA20+ upto DA40 | Exec Reviews

    I got a review copy and I was very impressed. Communication was excellent. Article was Perfect, and of course the link is great from a PR4 powerful domain. Highly recommended. A+++ No gimmicks, no short-term boosts then fallings Serps. Don't buy into the spam blasts for your money site. Seo is...
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    New to Seo. How do you properly and safely get your money site ranked up higher on Google?

    There are lots of ways to do it RIGHT, and lots of ways to do it WRONG. Keep adding great content to your site. The more content the better. You can't have too much. Build relevant backlinks with great variety in the anchor text. If you keyword is "widgets", then build links with all kinds of...
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    Automated LinkPushing Service! Next Generation SEO! Coupons Available!

    Update: I was an early LinkPushing user. I used it a lot for promoting local websites. Worked great. Especially when I supercharged the link reports with tens of thousands of Tier 2 backlinks. I tend to test new things frequently, and I have started and stopped my linkpushing subscription a few...
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    AuraRank - White Hat SEO - Manual High PR & Niche Links - Huge Link Diversity

    I ordered a "lite" package for a local seo client of mine. He didn't have much of a budget but I wanted to help him get started with some 1-time link building. This little package packs a punch. It took a page-2 listed local service business site to top 3 for his major keywords. Not only...
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    SEO Sales Lunatic | SEO Sales Video Series | SEOs Gone Wild

    YEAAAA guys thanks for the reminder. YES in fact my team has built a new SEO product that is quite revolutionary. Will be starting sales of it this week. WILL be getting some live sales action video. So in a week to ten days I will have some new videos shot, edited, and posted. :)
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    How to find out who is doing NEG SEO on your site!

    People.. stop telling him to "Deal with it". lmao HE IS DEALING WITH IT. This post is showing you how he deals with it. Great Stuff. I had a thought like this a while back but your is better :)
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    Automated LinkPushing Service! Next Generation SEO! Coupons Available!

    I am a long-time LP customer. I have dropped and added my subscription a few times as my SEO needs change. I run a site that is a type of local business directory. I tried out a linkpush on several brand new pages on the site. These are 'local seo' type keywords, so they aren't SUPER...
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    I'm also banking hardcore from this. Check it out bitches :cool:
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