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    From $0 to $30K per month. My Journey

    DAYS 13-16. 30 visits to main site.
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    From $0 to $30K per month. My Journey

    DAYS 10,11,12.Almost nothing. Bing isn't crawling, posting Links.
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    From $0 to $30K per month. My Journey

    DAYS 7,8,9. I got few visits and clicks.
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    From $0 to $30K per month. My Journey

    Finished another site. So for now i have: 1 website with little low OBL and 2 websites for Bing with high OBL. Those for bing i expect being banned by google.
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    From $0 to $30K per month. My Journey

    Day 6: I made another site - autoblog. Its mainly for Bing because i'm posting on high outbound links pages.
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    From $0 to $30K per month. My Journey

    Yesterday and today i posted links.I spent time to make temporary "real" back tracks to pages i posted to, but the blogs i tried ware just throwing "no link found" error without checking. Good news is that google is crawling and indexing page. Thanks for advice. Good luck to you too. DAY...
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    From $0 to $30K per month. My Journey

    UPDATE: Google started to crawl the website. I'm making another one.
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    From $0 to $30K per month. My Journey

    Thank You for kind replies. I plan to have a few sites. Ok. My method, now, is long tail amazon products. So rather niche site. I don't do authoritative blogs. I try fake trackbacks on low outbound links blogs. I'm doing them manually with bookmarklet. Some time ago, i was getting...
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    From $0 to $30K per month. My Journey

    Hi I'm not much of talkative person so i will get to the point. My goal is to make $30k per month. I'm starting from scratch. Yesterday i posted 5 links to my first website. Today another 5. Sofar Google isn't indexing. Why 5? Last time i did 20 links per day and as soon as i stopped google...
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    Free youtube user names scrapper.

    Hi This Scrapper get usernames of people that uploaded video today. It requires PyQt4, and python 2.7 Feedback is welcome. The version in rar file exits in buggy way but it works. EDIT: version 3 can crawl more pages.
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    WTB Youtube username scraper (25$)

    Mind telling us what it is?
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    WTB Youtube username scraper (25$)

    i got beta. works for one page
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    WTB Youtube username scraper (25$)

    wait a second
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    eval base64 virus

    Also check if you have uptodate FTP program. If no, install new version and change password.
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    WTB Youtube username scraper (25$)

    Check if this can help you:
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    [GET] GlobalSquid Proxy Tool - free bot that finds and checks proxies, exports proxy list

    can someone mirror? site seems to be down
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    webshop tool

    OS commerce?
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    Zero to $100 Million Dollar Challenge - Commission anyone?

    So he will sell the access to page about how he try earn 100mln then use money for more hype over and over again then he fails and say sorry chellenge goal not met, and walk with bunch of cash in a pocket.
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    A stupid question or three..

    Find an ebook that is already selling, rephrase it and sell it. If you won't be sued by owner you can make few bucks.
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    ~ The £Million Pound Challenge ~

    I had small success with amazon autoblogs and (from WP robot), it might help you start souse is cheap to setup.
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