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    I've 67 100% unique articles + AC-account | Need poster

    I've grown tired of posting on AC and was wondering if someone would like to do this work for me i.e post the articles into my AC-account. Suggestion is $0.50/article, so that's $33,5. Or if someone wants the articles for themselfs, give me a pm...
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    Looking for hostingservice | Have requirements

    I'm looking for a hostingservice that can bring me the following: -Anonymous, no personal details related to the hosting account -Not a tight TOS (accept some suspect activity, not spam) -Reliable -Secure -Doesn't hurt if it's DDoS-protected... Price doesn't matter as long as it meets my...
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    AC Mass Submitter Official Q&A Help Thread

    I posted in the original thread about my 30 articles that got scrambled... Are you having any updates to this?
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    CPA-program that uses phones to verify

    I'm looking for ANY CPA-program or something like that. It could be like a ringtone-offer, pay-by-minute, anything that requires someone to use a cellphone. I'm currently developing a listing-site of different types of phoneoffers... Edit: The program should accept EU phones... (At least SE)
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    Associated Content Mass Submitter (DOES 10 ARTICLES IN UNDER A MINUTE!)

    I've had a few problems lately with software. I have submitted 30 articles and all of them have failures of different kind. Some have the articlecontent three times over, some have fields like "highlight" filled in and some havn't even got the whole article in it, just one sentence. I've...
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    Signup using stolen CC's | What will the admins do?

    Hey hey hey.... Hold on a minute!! Don't looking for "How I Fraud My Way Through Life". I was simply just asking a plain question :-) Although, there is a few flaws in your argument ;-) Shitty services doesn't matter, use a cheap laptop, find a unsecure/secure wifi and your just fine ;-) And...
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    Signup using stolen CC's | What will the admins do?

    When it comes to affiliate programs you'll get paid per signup which requires credit cards... What I'm wondering is what does the admins do if they see someone who has signed up with a false credit card? Will they ban your affiliate account or just not pay out for that signup. I have had a few...
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    Affiliate programs (PPS) w/o CC's

    I thought we might get a thread togheter with some good affiliate programs that handle signups that doesn't require CC's. Post your tips as long as the signups doesn't require a CC. I go first with: - AdultDatingLink $37-42/signup - DatingGold $1-5/signup ($75/sale) Let's make this a good and...
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    Need US proxies DAILY

    I need someone to supply me with US proxies daily. Any number of proxies is accepted, they MUST be anonymous... PM me how many daily you can supply and at what price. NO CRAP PROXIES FROM PUBLIC SITES!! Only send me a PM if you have GOOD proxies :-)
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    Reliable Private Proxies, high quality IPs, many US locations -

    Are their dedicated IP's or do I get for example 5 new IP's each day?
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    Got my acc's suspended

    Yeah, I know that I failed on the advices given here. Althoug when submitting ~10 articles per day, how could AC know if I don't. Just found sonen omd articles lying around my disc? Since I'm paying for PVA's and articles, I get everything at once. I've also used AC Mass Submitter...
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    Got my acc's suspended

    Got a email today stating that I needed to verify my account(s) with a complete W-9-form. It was my first time and I made alot of mistakes, now I would like you guys to help me out when it comes to the "next run". So here is what I've done: I started out with 12 accounts, submitted 10 articles...
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    Associated Content Mass Submitter (DOES 10 ARTICLES IN UNDER A MINUTE!)

    I recommend everyone that uses a US-proxy to use StrongVPN or any other US-VPN-provider, much more secure that a proxy :-)
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    Associated Content Mass Submitter (DOES 10 ARTICLES IN UNDER A MINUTE!)

    Just bought and recevied my copy :-) I have about 100 articles to submit so I'm really looking forward to my test 30 articles submitted without problems :-) Although; I must ask Danny, what's up with the email-list? When I checked my email today (a day after my purchase and registration) I...
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    BHW is down!

    There are ways of avoiding ddos, I'm sure that you guys does everything you can to prevent things like this but I must ask, admin can answear to me in pm if that's better. Q1: Are you guys running any type of IDS/IPS on the server? Q2: What type of firewall are you running?
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    Black Hat SEO Contest - Last Person To Post Wins $100

    All hail BHW ans Blackhat methods :)
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    Same Paypal on multiple accounts

    If the pp-account is non-US, is it possible to transfer without cc?
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    Same Paypal on multiple accounts

    Is it possible to have accounts created, content submitted get an offer and accept it? And when the payment is pending I create a new PP and send the money there and then send it to my own?
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