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  1. lord1027

    Where to find stock photos of women for thumbnails?

    It could work. It depends on what you need it for :)
  2. lord1027

    Where to find stock photos of women for thumbnails?

    If you only need 1 photo: Unique, AI generated photos.
  3. lord1027

    Tube Site Profits - Profitable Adult Sites Completely Done For You!

    Please send me one or a few samples too. Thanks!
  4. lord1027

    Adult Sex Toy Site

    Do you do affiliate, dropshipping or have actual inventory?
  5. lord1027

    [COMPARISON] Rank Math vs Yoast

    Feature-wise, RankMath is better. If you want to keep up with Google's latest guidelines and recommendations, Yoast SEO. They're the fastest to adopt any new changes, guidelines and improvements that Google sets. For example, RankMath still does not have the FAQ and How-To schema, which Google...
  6. lord1027

    Get 3 free adult .biz domains + 1 .tech domain

    I'd like to get
  7. lord1027

    Clickfunnels vs Wordpress Set Up For Newbie Landing Page?

    Check out Converdy, although it's not live yet. It's aimed to be an alternative to Clickfunnels that also builds super light-weight pages. WordPress is definitely a great choice, but the time needed to set everything up is much higher than using a dedicated solution like Clickfunnels. If you...
  8. lord1027

    Someone with a gaming site here?

    You revived a thread from 2014... why?
  9. lord1027


    Weird, they don't advertise it anymore. Sign up for an account. It has a free plan for 1 server, SSL included. If you are willing to pay a bit, I use RunCloud. They will have a sale on Black Friday, I'd wait for that.
  10. lord1027


    Are you looking to install WordPress on that VPS? If so, use GridPane, it's free for 1 server and feature-rich. You don't need to manage anything by yourself. For other web apps, I recommend RunCloud. Managing everything by yourself is, in most cases, inefficient.
  11. lord1027

    What is the future of SEO according to you?

    I would say structured data is the near future. For rich snippets and answers to voice queries, Google picks a lot of this info from the structured data. Those who implement it early and correct will have an advantage. However, this still means that you will have to be on the first...
  12. lord1027

    Nginx or Apache for a Wordpress site ?

    If you can deal without .htaccess, definitely Nginx.
  13. lord1027

    Get free .me domain for 1 year (offer valid until Jun 29, 2019)

    I still have mine, they never contacted me. You may try to claim you are one of the attendees from WCEU: To everyone else, DEAL ENDED. They canceled the coupon code, but those who got the domains kept them.
  14. lord1027

    Can you recommend me a FREE Wordpress theme?

    Astra and Neve.
  15. lord1027

    [Free] SiteGround GrowBig hosting for 1 year

    Deal is now over! We did it guys, in less than 12h we managed to kill this deal too :) Congrats to everyone who got it, sorry for everyone who couldn't make it! The servers are indeed located in the Netherlands, which makes sense as the deal was meant for people in Europe.
  16. lord1027

    [Free] SiteGround GrowBig hosting for 1 year

    I was at WordCamp EU and filled in a survey for SiteGround. They sent me a link for free hosting for 1 year, I thought I'd share it with you guys. The deal is valid until June 30 Here's the link: If you already have an account with them, use a different email...
  17. lord1027

    Get free .me domain for 1 year (offer valid until Jun 29, 2019)

    Believe it or not, I didn't take one either :) I just tested the coupon and canceled the order, thinking I'll think of a better domain later. I'm fine with it though, I didn't really need a new domain.
  18. lord1027

    Get free .me domain for 1 year (offer valid until Jun 29, 2019)

    Coupon is invalid now. Sorry guys, seems like there was a cap. I was not aware. Congrats to everyone who got their free domain.
  19. lord1027

    Get free .me domain for 1 year (offer valid until Jun 29, 2019)

    Try with a VPN. Worked for everyone else so far.
  20. lord1027

    Get free .me domain for 1 year (offer valid until Jun 29, 2019)

    I've been to WordCamp EU and I got this discount code for a free .me domain at GoDaddy. Here's a screenshot with the flyer. Discount code: WordCampME I tried it, it works. Just make sure to select 1 year. Hopefully, some of you will find this useful.
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