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  1. Orbit143

    $5 Methods For Noobs

    Easiest money, atleast for me was selling things on fiverr. Just look through the posted gigs to find inspiration and then create few of your own.
  2. Orbit143

    REUPLOAD - 70$+ per day Porn Uploading system

    Wow how many of BHW users is running this method? I took the xvideos database and spent an hour making a powerfull regexp to filter out all the cam videos with domains somehow encoded into the video name. And I haven't even started to weed yout the watermarking. Definitely need another source...
  3. Orbit143

    Indianbill’s 100% CPA inboxing method - Curse me if you don’t make $100 a day with this!

    I just tried this and apparently it trigered some sort of review of my account, so it probably didn't send anything. Too bad. Hopefully google isn't sending their death squad my way right now. Account is old, probably 5+ years.
  4. Orbit143

    Is ISIS hacking Twitter with Spam?

    I wonder what software they use, all my twitter money making methods are pretty much dead since Tweet attacks went out of business.
  5. Orbit143

    I will surprise myself with a Raspberry Pi 2 for Christmas

    I prefer using virtual OS on my home computer for such purposes, it's easy to backup and system resources are easily scalable if I need them.
  6. Orbit143

    CPA, is the best way i found so far. Now how do i convert?

    Why would the advertiser even care about your EPC? Am I missing something? You get paid for conversion, of course you need more traffic.
  7. Orbit143

    Which English is better for making new site?

    American english is simpler I think. I prefer simple things.
  8. Orbit143

    [Method] Twitter + adfly = $10/Day AutoPilot

    This looks nice and simple enough, I'm probably gonna lock the content and monetize with email submits or something like that, adfly is piece of shit, they count only a fraction of the traffic you send them and you end up with less than $0.01 per visitor, not worth the effort even for crap...
  9. Orbit143

    Last hour getting subscribed to thread emails.

    just set up a filter in your email and make at all skip inbox and go to archive right away
  10. Orbit143

    PHP coder needed

    I make some PHP scripts from time to time, you might wanna share a few details about what you expect (big/small project, framework/no framework, OOP, database, tons of other things).
  11. Orbit143

    New Skype Chat Bot

    Soon there will be just bots everywhere, posting comments, sending emails and talking to each other.
  12. Orbit143

    Cracked twitter bot

    As far as I know you need tons of twitter accounts to make "fake" followers. You can create those accounts with number of twitter bots - Tweetdemon, Twt Dominator, just use google to find them. Most of them should have free trial version.
  13. Orbit143

    How much is enough

    When I was starting with PPV traffic (mediatraffic) I had like $200 for my first campaign. The budget lasted for a while, in total I lost a few bucks but I gained experience. Your $150 should be enough if you don't plan to target high paying keywords.
  14. Orbit143

    I just quit my job with 8 other colleagues and created another firm. Please read Inside!

    I'd say the marketing part of any business is more important than the technology and geeky people behind it (unless your product is really awesome like a teleport or something). Good luck to you all, you are looking at some hard work if you don't wanna end up on the street.
  15. Orbit143

    1.4TB/s download speed

    It's 1.4terabits/sec not terabytes. But still an awesome speed.
  16. Orbit143

    I really need help please!!

    Just remove the program you installed. Also I heard Windows have some kind of recovery feature, you might wanna try that too.
  17. Orbit143

    What offline job do you do.

    I drink vodka. Don't laugh, it's a fulltime job :-)
  18. Orbit143

    What do you use to monitor website traffic?

    I use g00gle analytics and it sucks, looking for some alternative.
  19. Orbit143

    Tweet Demon servers are down?

    I don't freakin believe this, they released a new version of tweet demon (.78) and redirected the domain somewhere else so the old versions stopped working. When I accessed the IP directly I managed to download a new version and even to reset the license so it work fine on my newly installed...
  20. Orbit143

    Tweet Demon servers are down?

    Thanks Jason for your response. I used Wireshark to look at the traffic, Tweet Demon is contacting which now contains nothing. When I look directly at the IP 176.31.1132.210 the content is still all there, I can even log into the forum. So I have no idea what they are...
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