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  1. waitier

    MassPlanner is shutting down its service because of Instagram!

    Who? Where? How? If you know them, why not ask that person? Btw, not sure if you're aware but a bunch of bots now exist in the marketplace.
  2. waitier

    MassPlanner is shutting down its service because of Instagram!

    Which part of " s h u t d o w n " do you not understand?
  3. waitier

    Scammed by Debian

    I did, the initial topic OP pointed to was not the same, so i assumed it is a different package.
  4. waitier

    Scammed by Debian

    I asked a while ago, about his "new" plan, and what justification went into selling ipv6 at $1 (that's on top of the initial setup fee), and he says it's residential. So, do any of you think that's a good justification?
  5. waitier

    Battling Instagram [$100/Daily]

    cpagrip has higher payout. but do you use any hack/free/generators in it? i know they started to ban it based on "fake content" and alot of people left to ogads because of it. But ogads payout is too low. i'm contemplating to switch some to cpagrip but hesitant because of their new ruling.
  6. waitier

    IPv6 Proxies - Infinite IPs, Elite, Private - Infiniproxy

    I cant imagine having to communicate via pm via the forum. You replied on the forum but youre not even on skype. Im just bringing in the bot as it seems youre too out of focus with this current prod youre offering and you have not tried to make it better since a while ago when i last chat with...
  7. waitier

    IPv6 Proxies - Infinite IPs, Elite, Private - Infiniproxy

    i think you need to fix your communication first thing first, then you can focus on other things like marketing and creating bots. at the beginning, i sent skype request for 3 times and had no response only until i sent a pm via the forum. the live chat on site is always offline. and now, i...
  8. waitier

    GramDominator 2.5 is out - Brand New Version (Recoded from scratch)

    I'm confused about this. Is there a internal browser now? I see its still on the roadmap. And also is there any up to date video showcasing what it can do? I mean the entire bio editing is like the most important feature if managing in bulk without it will be wasting alot of time.
  9. waitier

    How many accounts per Proxy?

    100 of course ! Then divide it by 100 If you have to ask such question, better not do any of these stuff.
  10. waitier

    [REQUEST] Free Follower Landing Page

    Not really pointing fingers but instead of asking it to be ripped publicly maybe he should try asking if anyone knows who can build it or who is the creator of the LP. And of course, everyone should know this is fake, otherwise they should quit IM. LOL. If anyone is in IM forum and think...
  11. waitier

    I just bought 10,000 Instagram accounts....NOW WHAT??

    Curious why not recommend? Do they leak?
  12. waitier

    [REQUEST] Free Follower Landing Page

    Pretty sure this script is originally sold on another forum for 11$. You gotta find it yourselves.
  13. waitier

    People on marketplace are donks ;)

    Service looks good. Can i have review copy? Good luck with sales -My unnecessary name at the bottom ( at the bottom) ( (
  14. waitier

    Aged High Quality Instagram PVA Accounts ( $1 per acc onwards )

    Added to skype but never responded since 2 days ago.
  15. waitier

    Facedominator 3.5 - The Facebook Bomb (Recoded from Scratch)

    Seems like the dominator team has changed, i felt the communication have improved alot. At least now they can understand me (which isn't very hard actually). And they also came up with something that i feel is important in handling feature request. Felt positive all around. Keep it up !
  16. waitier

    Facedominator 3.5 - The Facebook Bomb (Recoded from Scratch)

    I seem to recall asking for a built in browser than ties to it's own proxy. But with this new version i still cant find it. Any idea where and why wasn't it considered when you recoded it? And also i recall someone suggested a like/comment as page feature and says it should be available since...
  17. waitier

    WP PROFIT REDIRECT | AIO plugin Cloaking, Clone Landing, Popup, Track, Rotation And Page Jacker

    Would like to see a demo of this, do you have a demo login i can test?
  18. waitier

    IPv6 Proxies - Infinite IPs, Elite, Private - Infiniproxy

    Since you mentioned vietnam, are your ipv6 residential or datacenter? How many subnets do you have? Although the number of ipv6 is significant than ipv4, the rule of subnet banning still stands.
  19. waitier

    FaceDominator 3.0 is here! The All New Facebook Marketing Bomb

    Of all the softwares i've used, none of them are detected as virus/trojan, but lately my AV kept deleting FD related stuff. At first, i thought avast complained too much, i even changed avast to bitdefender and now bitdefender is also making noise. Furthermore my AV is not set to run scheduled...
  20. waitier

    Massplaner down, is Followliker next?

    oh you bet they did. they definitely did made a dent, a huge dent. as much as i hate it as a victim, they definitely made more impact than churning out algo which only solves problem which shouldnt have been a problem in the first place if there are less botters to deal with. so they went after...
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