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    Scraping Help Center articles

    Really, no one? Where're the scraper geniuses? :D
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    Scraping Help Center articles

    I was thinking about listing all Facebook Help-Center articles in an Excel file too built my own little Library and I'm curious what would be the best way to scrape those articles I would appreciate every advice from experienced web scrapers Cheers
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    Boosted posts that don’t show up on fanpages

    yes, that's a dark post or officially called Ads Post
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    [Help] No promotion object found: Please specify a promoted object for the ad set.

    yeah that makes sense, it's always a lot of guessing without actual seeing it.
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    How Can I Bypass FB Marketplace Requirements for Listing and Address when Posting Houses for Sale?

    I don't think that's possible, you can't ignore it and I wouldn't recommend adding fake addresses. But don't such construction houses also have an address/location? Alternatively a central construction company address maybe.
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    ID confirmation

    they probably don't have the right to request ID's, but in fact they do. If you disagree that's your right no one can force you, but then they just don't give you back access to your profile :D
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    Handling Multiple Money Websites with One FB Account?

    I guess you mean multiple profiles with accounts and yes, you basically answered your question already
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    Antibot in JavaScrpit

    Antibot for Facebook? It's not your platform, also what's the idea behind it?
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    [Help] No promotion object found: Please specify a promoted object for the ad set.

    No promotion object found sounds like you missed adding a page or destination website, but that's actually on the Ad level. Also try deactivating browser your extensions, especially any Ad Blocker
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    No longer possible to execute the 'Facebook Purchase Pixel' through the console?

    this is new to me, but I guess the current graph API doesn't allow that anymore
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    it is necessary to verify the business manager ?

    you mean regarding the legal consequences? No, never came across such a situation as I never faked documents :D
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    IOS 14 Tracking

    sorry for playing the smart ass here, but that's only partly correct. Yes theoretically you're right, but: results have not changed... may apply to your business but for a lot of advertisers not. The AEM is basically using already collected information with your Webshop/App etc. and aggregated...
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    verify fb profile

    True, but bad advice
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    IOS 14 Tracking

    not only FB, those tracking regulations is effecting everyone
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    Fb ads- reading results

    Did you optimized the delivery with your purchase event? and if so, did you configured your web events properly for the AEM?
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    it is necessary to verify the business manager ?

    to be honest, I'm a straight whitehat advertiser and also I'm located in a Tier 1 country and faking Business documents can lead to serious legal consequences. It doesn't worth the efforts
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    Why do people ask to comment on their post?

    it's really easy, just google Comment Guards
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    Why do people ask to comment on their post?

    like mentioned from the most here... it's all about engagement and the algo is pushing posts which are relevant to users. Another common method is asking for commenting with a specific keyword wich triggers a Messenger automation. I did that a lot with MobileMonkey, they call this feature...
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    Fb ads- reading results

    That's the delivery view, you need to breakdown your report to Placements & Device in order to see the Impression & Clicks etc. from the according placements... Also make sure that you've setup your Pixel and webevents for the AEM Additional UTM parameters are highly recommended
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    it is necessary to verify the business manager ?

    Verifying the Business Manager doesn't prevent you from being restricted, idk who the hell spread that rumor... verifying the BM is not mandatory, look at the posted HC article above Important is: use real names and Business Addresses (white hat) prepare fake documents for Profile and Business...
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