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  1. syzygy1

    Authority Niche Focused Do Follow Links - Starting at $49 - See Before You Buy! - Money Back Guarantee! Bulk Discounts Available!

    Hi, Looking for home improvement niche edit links and religious and church based links
  2. syzygy1

    ✅Fresh Gmail ✅Aged Gmail ✅App Password ✅Forwarded Gmail ✅Warmup Gmail ✅YouTube ✅Twitter ✅LinkedIn Accounts

    HI, I need aged LinkedIN account with followers with Job description as per my interest. Is it possible?
  3. syzygy1

    Anime related site with 100K pageviews per month. Which affiliate offer I can promote?

    Hi, The site is mostly getting traffic to posts which is related to anime. 80% anime search traffic rest is to tech posts (smartphone, vpn etc). I have partnership with a couple of VPN networks but did not receive any sell yet. I want to promote offers related to anime. What offers will be...
  4. syzygy1

    How to make money from CPA offers on my French Tech website

    Hi I have a french website which is related to technology and games. The site is making aprox $10 per day from adsense but I donot have any CPA offers to promote. How to promote Clickbank or JVZoo offers on the site. I donot want to replace adsense ads and add CPA offers. Any sugestions will be...
  5. syzygy1

    how long 301 redirect complete rank to new website.

    It could be one month. It could be 3 months. It also can be never. There is no specific answer to this because no one knows. Not even Google.
  6. syzygy1


    Hi I am not from Europe but I need to have a GMB in a particular city in Europe. Can you help me with that?
  7. syzygy1

    ★★★ HoоIigan Media - AdSense Alternative ★★★ High CPM Rates ★★★

    Hi I have a french language Tech niche website with 200-300 views (jetpack) per day. Can I get an approval. I make around 10-20 cents per day in Adsense 2. Can I use both adsense and Hooligan together.
  8. syzygy1

    Quality Press Release with "Google News" Inclusion - Native Writers!

    HI Could send me some recent samples.
  9. syzygy1

    25x Google | 11x Amazon | 2x Reddit | Do-Follow Backlinks

    Please send me samples of Amazon and google play links
  10. syzygy1

    Aged Reddit Accounts| Reddit Do-Follow Backlinks $2.5

    Hi Are you still selling
  11. syzygy1

    Earn Passive Income With Automated News Website ★ 50% OFF ★

    Are you also providing adsense approval too?
  12. syzygy1

    If your theme is not ready for Wordpress 5.5 don’t update it.

    How to roll back to the previous version. it is very technical as per google :(
  13. syzygy1

    Need Help with Database Crash

    Hi everyone, My site's database recently crashed. Specifically the WP-post table crashed and I am getting this message which says, "can't create new tempfile" Can anypne please help. I have searched google for help I found this below article, but I dont know whether this will work. I approched...
  14. syzygy1

    |.EDU Guest post***Editorial links From High level University websites***Premium Guest post Service|

    Hi Please show some samples. Are these blog posts or any thread or something like that. Will it getindexed on google. 2-3 samples from different sites will be great
  15. syzygy1

    AMA - Ask me anything about PBNs & High Quality Links

    Which between these scenarios is better in terms of Expired domain quality. 1. Buying 20 domain with one backlink from High Authority news sites. I mean domain_1 has backlink from News Site_1, domain 2 backlink from news site_2 like this 20 expired domains. 2. 1 expired domain with 10...
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