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  1. alreef

    URL Scraping Tool

    Can scrapebox post blog comments and backlinks or are there other more suitable tools like xrumer?
  2. alreef

    Hi there!

    Welcome aboard, you got the school smarts, you will learn the e-street :) smarts here. good luck on your journey!!!
  3. alreef

    Just introducing myself

    Welcome zeussebios, enjoy the forum plenty of jobs here wish you the best!
  4. alreef

    Non Adult Offers run on Adult traffic

    Casino works good on adult, pm me for details.
  5. alreef

    Which CPA network to use for each area?

    I see no one works in the gambling niche here is there any reason for this :) there are quite a few programs out there in this niche that are making people good money.
  6. alreef

    My Introduction. 13yr old from USA.

    Welcome aboard, best of luck and dont get side tracked or disappointed. If you set your mind to it this early dont let anything stand in your way to succeed, there will be ups and downs but if you insist you will win!!!!
  7. alreef

    Greetings from India

    Welcome to BHW, WillT1993enjoy ur stay!!!
  8. alreef

    Who has UK traffic

  9. alreef

    Hey from Malta!

    Hello Malta, welcome to BHW! Nice place and good seafood marinara cant wait to visit again.
  10. alreef

    looking for Link Shortner for spam link

    You can get a script to do that here
  11. alreef

    Help a noob please?

    Look at and start there
  12. alreef

    Help a noob please?

    Hey, 1. If you want to get paid use your real name address 2. If what you are doing is not legit use a vps, check if the network will let you get away with this so your work is not in vain. 3. A/B test this and see what generates more traffic 4. i would say you would get a take down warning...
  13. alreef

    Gambling for Christmas

    Dont forget I work for a network so I speak for a bunch of affiliates not a personal account :) lol plus being publicly listed in the stock market says a lot of our position in the market, believe what u will :) If traffic is targeted this is the best season as people have cash and are indoors...
  14. alreef

    Hi from Mexico

    Bien Benido de Mexico Welcome to BHW que los difrutas
  15. alreef

    Gambling for Christmas

    Hi all, This is the best time of year to promote gambling, as we near the holidays people have the hope of winning the jackpots. In my many years doing this promotions leading up to Christmas are usually the most successful, then you sit back till after New year. Good luck to all!
  16. alreef

    Need money to make money..

    It really depends what you are doing, but if you search hard enough you will be able to do stuff for free, there are always nulled scripts or simple methods that can help you by only dedicating time and more time.
  17. alreef

    How can a niche website get good traffic there are dating sites posting fake adds that lead to signup pages
  18. alreef

    How can a niche website get good traffic

    Craiglist adds work too
  19. alreef

    Who has UK traffic

    I would like to discuss an amazing CPA deal that I was given to monetize anyone can do UK traffic fast?
  20. alreef


    My methodology for getting the lists was contact pages in the respective language usually with an e-book or a newsletter relevant to the niche ie roullete rules ro slot rules etc.
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