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    Any Active Resveratrol Offers - Anywhere?

    Got some great organic Resveratrol traffic just going to WASTE. Everyone seems to have pulled the offers down. AZ**gle has a Resv offer up that completely blows - Anyone know of a network with an active Resv offers that has a somewhat decent landing page?
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    Article Writing/Rewriting Services-100% original articles-2$ Review copies available

    Ankur and his team are SOLID. Have used their submission services in the past, and was excited to take his Article (Re)Writing for a spin. Ordered a 15 Article Rewrite - FAST Turnaround - Quality Rewrites with Excellent Grammar and Punctuation - and Most Importantly... they've all...
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    We're getting Married!

    hey! way to go! i just got out of relationship myself, and am extremely lonely now during the holidays so your true ultimate happiness is making my stomach curdle, my eyes water, and a massive rock of sorrow ball up right in the middle of my throat! congrats on your happiness, im going to jump...
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    how much to sell for

    Don't sell - Keep it and push a Presidential Sex Tape. Barack Obama and Tiger Woods in a four way sex escapade with two norwegian foot models. Fuck yea.
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    Whats your avatar mean?

    it means i've got a big one... (not really, it's average at best)
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    Senuke virus

    Hey man... It may not be SENUKE. I just installed a fresh copy of XP yesterday on this box - The only APP I have installed on it so far is ESET NOD32 for anti-v I've done a good 3-5 hours of browsing and bullshitting since the clean install, but hadnt downloaded or installed anything. Went...
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    GoDaddy is DOWN!

    namecheap is god - 9 dollar reg + free whoisguard - interface is way easy to use and they dont try to upsell you on a thousand useless piece of shit products on your way to checkout. f godaddy
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    Please suggest cheap hosting provider

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    Got Sandboxed Watch Out

    Lesson learned everyone. Don't Wanker Build your Backlinks. Avoid Wanker Building at all costs. And of course.... If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever. If it dosent, then it was never meant to be.
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    Dating Advice..

    Regardless as to whether youre actually into her or not - You dont want to lose her, you want to keep her in your bullpen of women to call on when the well runs dry. Never burn a bridge.. Throw her a curveball and tell her than you COMPLETELY AGREE, and that you were thinking the EXACT SAME...
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    Keywords in Page Title

    This is another argument for the ages. Some say to have your title 100% Keyword rich may be perceived as spam, so you should steer clear. Some say 80% some say 60%. I'll tell you what I do, and I use this standard for all my keywording on sites that I host and 2.0 properties I create...
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    Clickbank Questions

    Christ I loved your post. It was so refreshing to read about someone taking a method, a concept from this forum and putting it into action instead of asking to be breast fed to the bank. Such a fantastic departure from abandoned journey threads, whines, flames, begging, and posts that wind...
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    :( Wanted to share my pain with you..

    Oh teenage angst. Maybe he got caught masturbating and is just freaking out about the whole thing. You're actually doing the right thing. Consider this - Your folks were probably much happier before you were born... The chances of your birth having been planned, BZZZZZ - don't think so...
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    Youtube & Clickbank

    Maybe you need a different angle. I've brought home the bacon with one or two well timed (warm market), decently produced videos with offers that complimented them closely. I find that more time spent creating a decent video, promoting it - is better spent than uploading a 100 rehashed shit...
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    Evil whois idea.

    Whaaaaat the Fuuuuuccccccck are you thinking? Whhhhhhy the Fuuuuuuucccck would you do this? Hoooowww the Fuuuuuuuccck would you make a dime off of doing this? Is there no honor amongst thieves? Shame on you. I'm telling your mother on you just as soon as she finishes making me breakfast.
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    Ever Sat In Hell?

    I thought the sarcasm was clearly implied. Or perhaps you may simply be too close to heat exhaustion and dehydration from the blistering conditions you're being forced to live in - that you were unable to pickup on the tone. Someone get this guy some Acai Berry NOW. It's the only thing...
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    The failure Thread-(Don't make these mistakes others made)

    Internet porn | Not marketing adult material, but actually using it myself while trying to get work done. It's easy to become frustrated, to reach a mental block when working a project and simply turn to the bangbros to rub one out and just take a nap; thus avoiding having to do anything at...
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    Why Does Acai Sell?

    It actually does help get rid of bitch tits. I went from a D cup to a C cup in just two weeks snorting crushed acai pills. Attempting to go from a C to a B cup by cooking up a liquid acai gel cap and slamming it into my eye.
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    Ever Sat In Hell?

    Jesus christ you poor poor dear. It saddens my heart to think of the hardships you're enduring away at college in your warm dorm room! I've started a prayer circle in my local community for you, and we're going to be taking a collection this sunday at church to buy you a bag of ice cubes to sit...
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    Why Does Acai Sell?

    Quite honestly, people gravitate towards RESULTS. Original poster, you answered your own question my friend! "attched to every benefit you can think of, from getting ripped to losing weight to becoming immortal." Acai WORKS, bottom line - Those who take advantage of the miracle supplement...
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