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    What cloaker is ?

    it's not a cdn, it's the default javascript server location for Traffic Armor. It's also the reason I don't like Traffic Armor-- it leaves a very obvious footprint. If you're going to use this cloaker, at least set up a CNAME for the domain (i.e.
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    PayPal Solutions - Send Receive & Withdrawal - Remove Limit from PayPal Easily

    I've ordered from SecondEye a few times over the last year or so & it's always been a good experience :) Just ordered again & paid via bitcoin, order No. 4589
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    Scraping email addresses with a certain word in the address...

    nice!! That's exactly what I need, i didn't know scrapebox could do that. THANK YOU SWEETFUNNY! I seriously owe you one dude
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    Scraping email addresses with a certain word in the address...

    thanks for the replies guys. Unfortunately I don't have a list of email addy's to work with yet, I'm hoping to find a solution that will scrape (from a list of websites or footprints) ONLY email addresses containing my keyword. I'm beginning to think that my only option is to just scrape a...
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    Scraping email addresses with a certain word in the address...

    Does anyone know of a tool that will scrape email addresses ONLY if the address contains a certain word? For example, say I want to scrape only email addresses with the word "racer" in the email address (i.e. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], etc.). I've been...
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    Quick update: I've been using the account for a couple weeks now & everything has been great. If you have campaigns but need accounts to run them on, this service is fantastic. OP delivered quickly & provided easy-to-follow instructions for the warm-up. These accounts are solid, the best you can...
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    I've just ordered after chatting with OP on skype for a couple days. He definitely understands this game much better than average account seller-- nobody else is offering a service like this one. The plug-and-play system will save a ton of time when it comes to setup, which can be very...
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    I am very interested... Edit: sent you a skype request
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    Masking Affiliate URL

    the only foolproof way to blank the referrer is to go from an ssl page to non-ssl
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    Looking for a PPV (Pay Per View) Cloaker (TV, LI, 50 on Red)

    it only works with TV (unless of course you have your own list of IP's/user agents/etc for the other networks). Can anyone pm me a skype contact for datarise? I've tried contacting them thru their support email but I get no reply. Thanks!
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    Facebook/Youtube/Twitter/Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail/GMX/AOL Accounts Available for SALE

    Do your FB old pva's include the email account that the fb profile is registered with?
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    A bot that messages 20,000+ in a Linkedin Group

    I might be interested in this for a project... it depends on the price. Could you PM me your asking price?
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    High Quality Professional 3D Logo just in 10$ only also available apps icons, web page

    hi, what is your turn around time for a landing page? And can you incorporate my existing logo into the design?
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    Backlink By Comment.

    yeah these type of links can be useful. Just don't go overboard and start spamming them everywhere. Mix them in as a small part of a larger, natural-looking link profile.
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    Do you risk your adsense account with money sites doped with PBNs?

    I don't do it personally, but as others have said I don't think it'll hurt your adsense account (as long as the page with adsense is compliant).
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    CPA Adult Offers + Facebook Ads = Xxx Money

    adult dating on FB ads is expensive if you're new... you'll need a cloaking software (as mentioned above) which can be expensive and you'll also need a steady supply of ad accounts as FB will ban accounts running adult pretty quickly. It might be a good idea to build up a bigger starting budget...
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    Is this a working method?

    this could absolutely still work, you just might need to tweak the formula a bit and do something new to get peoples interest. Think about those clickbait headlines that taboola ads always use.
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    What is the best Way to Expand my Article Writing Portfolio

    you could open a marketplace thread here and offer some review copies to get the word out. If you can deliver quality there are plenty of buyers here at bhw
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    [GET] Stock Photos

    these will come in handy. Thanks for sharing!
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