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  1. SpeakToTman

    Amazon/Clickbank/Adsense Site Set Up At $99 -- Including SEO -- Cheapest Yet Powerful

    Please send me samples of the clickbank and adsense sites...thanks
  2. SpeakToTman

    Wonder how many people actually purchase from this website. Any of you shop here?

    Yeah is ridiculous, they never have anything in stock - tried to buy a Ferrari F12, but it's always sold out...
  3. SpeakToTman

    [RATE] My Local SEO company site logo

    My opinion pretty much mirrors everyone else's, but in reality it would be hard to judge without seeing the rest of the may look really good and fit in well with the rest of your site. But definitely won't work too well in a letter head or anything you want to print. Keep the...
  4. SpeakToTman

    Penguin 2.0 Is Good ..!!

    I've had mixed results so far...a few of my smaller sites have improved quite a bit...but one of my bigger sites has been all over the place of right now 90% of the keywords are above position 100. But a few hours ago some of these were top 10 and other nowhere to be seen. So I think...
  5. SpeakToTman

    Name suggestions for a SEO company?

    Off the top of my head: (available) (available) (available) (available at a premium!) (available at a premium!) (available) (available) (available)
  6. SpeakToTman

    Gooticles Cheap Readable Unique Niche Relevant Content for Tier 1 Linkbuilding

    Good service, cheap alternative to AB if you ask me. No good for money site content, but good enough for tier 1 / tier 2 link building. I generated a random article (got about 700 words) - ran it through copyscape and got 22 results. Took the same article and ran it through Spin Rewriter and...
  7. SpeakToTman

    ❇️ Since 2012 ❇️ (Prev. SerpBook) - Local Rank Tracking, On-demand Updates, Verifiable SERPs, Sharable Reports ⭐ EXCLUSIVE BHW DISCOUNT ⭐

    Hey Lanbo, I had the same issue on my android...its fixed now again. Columns are much wider, but that doesnt matter to me much. REVIEW for everyone still on the fence. This is hands down THE BEST rank tracker I have ever used! Accurate, round the clock rank updates and alerts, and even a link...
  8. SpeakToTman

    ❇️ Since 2012 ❇️ (Prev. SerpBook) - Local Rank Tracking, On-demand Updates, Verifiable SERPs, Sharable Reports ⭐ EXCLUSIVE BHW DISCOUNT ⭐

    Hey Lanbo, im looking at moving my rank tracking off of my VPS for my clients, and getting this service. Do you have a coupon for me? Thanks
  9. SpeakToTman


    WOW - can't believe this has been made public. Screw the review, I would like another 5 premium copies please - What's your paypal so that I can send you the $50k ;)
  10. SpeakToTman

    My Son Was Born This Morning :)

    CONGRATULATIONS man! My little man was born on the 20th April weighing 8lbs - our first born. I just can't believe his almost 3 months old already! It's crazy how time flies. Anyway, you have a beautiful baby boy there, congrats and enjoy
  11. SpeakToTman

    [Case Study] Going to BH the snot out of a site and ...

    Interesting stuff - subscribed
  12. SpeakToTman

    [Free] Giving away PVA Youtube Accounts With Gmail :)

    Wow thanks buddy - put me on list
  13. SpeakToTman

    The ULTIMATE Niche Finder - 50% OFF + Free Lifetime Membership

    Just purchased and sent an email to claim the uNiche membership. I have not really used the software too much yet, but it's pretty quick! I put together a list of over 8k keywords in a matter of minutes! Now just to narrow them down! Thanks Clyde
  14. SpeakToTman

    CONCLUSIVE guide to "Google Webmaster Tools notice of detected unnatural links"

    Freakin' great post Wormz...some really good information to think about. When considering your "link profile" - at what level do you do it? I mean, do you look at the link profile for each page? Each site? Each niche? Lets say for example you want to rank for "blue widgets", do you study the...
  15. SpeakToTman

    I want to buy 50 yt acc

    check out fiverr if you can pay via paypal...
  16. SpeakToTman

    Google ranks websites higher that get clicked more + PROOF from GOOGLE

    There was actually someone over at WF selling this exact would find your site in the SERPS, and click your link all day long using proxies. And it worked very well...BUT as you say, you will probably end up being banned by google...I dont know what ever happened to this software...or...
  17. SpeakToTman

    Writers KingDom Make Money from Writing [Adsense $$$$]

    Good idea...but here's some of that feedback you wanted: Spend a little more time on the site's design and structure. Make it look professional, something like iwriter or similar and I think you will have a lot more people willing to join...
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