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  1. Couch Monkey Media

    need dedicated server with windows

    might reach out to and see if they can set up a custom solution for you
  2. Couch Monkey Media

    Hosting For Affiliate Websites?

    i have always used a dedicated or VPS server. You can check out yottavps link in sig I have a server with them right now. Or dedicated you can check out
  3. Couch Monkey Media

    Where do you host your banner?

    i usually just load my banners up to a folder on my site and just use it that when when I run banners on here.
  4. Couch Monkey Media

    No Views On Flippa

    Congrats on the sale. I have a starter site and a domain listed up for sale right now on Flippa.
  5. Couch Monkey Media

    Is Empire Flippers trustworthy?

    EF is good but your site has to meet there standards before they will list it. They are not like Flippa where everyone and everything can list. If your not doing over 100k its a good chance the EF will reject your site.
  6. Couch Monkey Media

    Price increase for .COM domains by Namesilo

    The wholesale price went up for .com so you will see across the board that almost all providers will be sending out emails on price updates.
  7. Couch Monkey Media

    YouStable Hosting

    you should have gotten them in your welcome email. But did a fast google search and found this for you
  8. Couch Monkey Media

    need help with installing .htaccess/ sitemap on linode

    If you are using wordpress you can use a plugin for your site map. Yoast or all in one Seo will create the site map for you. If you have the FTP to your server you can just upload the file for htaccess. Or once again depending on what plugins you are using some will create that file for you.
  9. Couch Monkey Media

    Friends, I tried to buy a domain and it turns out it's not available because it's in deletion phase. Do you know what it means? Is there any way to kn

    it also depends on where the domain lives as well if say with Godaddy i have seen them go through the 60 days and then get added to there domain auction for 30 days and if no one buys after that get released.
  10. Couch Monkey Media

    Some questions about resseling hosting

    On your first question you wont know what the wordpress login is unless you created it or the client gave it to you. Now if they forget it and you have access to cpanel then you can go into myphpadmin and reset the password there. On your second question for whmcs no you dont have to take...
  11. Couch Monkey Media

    what do you think of this domain?

    I picked up this domain a few years ago. I was going to build out an ecomm store put one up for a bit butt did not want to deal with orders and so on. Thought about putting a blog up. I have also posted it for sale a few times on godaddy and Flippa but never really got any...
  12. Couch Monkey Media

    fast hosting?

    Depends on the type of server you need. If you are looking for a VPS or Dedicated I would check out. NextArray or Dedipath. If you are needing shared hosting then check out inmotionhosting
  13. Couch Monkey Media

    Paying Taxes for the 1st time! - What was your experience?

    Yep your CPA should also be talking to you on how to set up your business and which way works best for what you are doing. If your doing it as just a DBA. You really need to go back and track all expense, driving and so on that can be written off. Food, internet, car, office space in your house...
  14. Couch Monkey Media

    SEO for business with no physical address and number number?

    if its a local business then yes you could rank it. But if its something that you really plan on making money on spend the 50 buck and get you a virtual office address
  15. Couch Monkey Media

    I should sell this domain?

    domains are a hard one now days. Not really going for as much as they used to. I have what i thought was a good domain Fitnessoftoday dot com and had it listed a few times on different sites and have not really gotten any major bits on it. Its kind of a hit and miss. I had another domain that...
  16. Couch Monkey Media

    Why doesn’t Flippa have an app anymore?

    They have made a few updates to the mobile version. While main focus has been on the main site and a new on boarding process is rolling out.
  17. Couch Monkey Media

    Starting a pornsite.

    to be honest don't lessen to anyone else. If it makes sense to you then go after it. Set up a plan and go. You can make money on anything in 2021 if you plan right.
  18. Couch Monkey Media

    Will posting a CBD article to a health focused blog hurt SEO?

    i dont think it would. With as much as CBD has taken off over the past year
  19. Couch Monkey Media

    My flippa listing won by bidder but I don't wanna sell

    just transfer the site and take the money and start your next project. Make sure you understand the in an outs of what you are doing before acting. You could have looked at this way. If the auction ended and the highest bidder was only 500 bucks that kind of tells you that the buyers are only...
  20. Couch Monkey Media

    Help assesing my website and if worth selling

    You really need 6 months or more of a site selling. Then you also need other traffic sources. Just having all traffic come from facebook ads is not a real value to investors. you may have been able to get ads to convert but that doesn't mean the next owner would be able to do the same. That is...
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