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  1. Essential Clix

    How are people getting Banned?

    Yes. If it is all about the marketing aspect, then yes. However, don't abuse it. If it brings up political debate or arguments about left vs right, etc.., then no. We will delete that sh*t with the swiftness and dish out infractions to those who incite that BS. There are plenty of places on the...
  2. Essential Clix

    What is Your Favorite Quote?
  3. Essential Clix

    What is Your Favorite Quote?
  4. Essential Clix

    Get unlimited rewritten content - instant and 100% unique only $37/month

    My review for this is a little bit late, so I guess that goes to show just how much I hate creating content :D Honestly though, I just wanted to stop by to say THANK YOU for creating this service. I've got a lot of tools in my SEO arsenal, but this one has BY FAR saved me the most time and...
  5. Essential Clix

    Holy Sh*t - Now this if what YouTube was made for

    Yeah, when I first saw it I damn near jizzed in my pants. I've got to try something like this before I die. Did you watch the back story on how Jeb's friend died on that bridge? Ouch... There's a few other wingsuit videos on YT as well, all pretty sweet. I didn't even know such a sport existed...
  6. Essential Clix

    Holy Sh*t - Now this if what YouTube was made for Old news ;)
  7. Essential Clix

    Who is the best Reggae Artist?

    I grew up on reggae music, it's in the fabric of my soul. So of course when I saw your original list, I too wondered whyGregory Isaacs wasn't in that list (RIP). Other than that, your list is pretty close to my favorites. I'll also add: Wailing Souls Joseph "Killer" Miller (Inner Circle) Dennis...
  8. Essential Clix

    Grinding the Crack...

    Yes, definitely on my bucket list. I don't know about flying as close to the ground as he comes, but definitely want to try it.
  9. Essential Clix

    Grinding the Crack...

    I want one
  10. Essential Clix

    Dominate YouTube rankingsYT SEO Research ToolBULK Generate Titles/Descriptions[+more]

    Approved. As usual, GREAT software from sodevrom!
  11. Essential Clix

    ScrapeBox Proxies - Yahoo/Google Scraping

    Approved. Good daily list of proxies for SB harvesting!
  12. Essential Clix

    Best Social Bookmarking Service on BHW Dual Crawling | Cheapest Price

    Approved. Good service, does what it says, fast and cheap.
  13. Essential Clix

    :( BHW Account Got Hacked

    This should be fixed now. Check your original email account for details.
  14. Essential Clix

    Just purchased Jr. VIP who to contact?

    Yes, PM me or Harro or Pofecker about this. As GoldenGloves stated, be sure to include your PayPal or MoneyBookers transaction ID/# so we can confirm your payment.
  15. Essential Clix

    How many pushups can you do?

    Check out It's a six week program to do 100 push-ups nonstop. I've made it to 45 so far... They also have a sister site for crunches. I like the way their 5-set system works, I might implement it into a free weight routine as well... Now get back to work ya lazy bums...
  16. Essential Clix

    The Silver Box - Advanced Scrapebox Guide BHW LP Edition - Admin & Mod reviews

    Approved. This is a no BS, no fluff guide to using scrapebox to its fullest potential. Very nicely put together, very easy to read & follow.
  17. Essential Clix

    YouTube Mass Downloader - YouTube Mass Uploader - Mass Video Editor - Unbelievable Results

    Tested and Approved. Great software as always from Vlad!
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