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  1. Icey Dan

    Stay Far Away From Propeller Ads!!

    I had heard some good things about them here and on other forums so I decided to deposit $50 to try advertising with push ads. After spending the first $50 I quickly learned that the traffic is absolutely garbage and I was never going to get any conversions. At that point I requested a refund on...
  2. Icey Dan

    Finally 18... what should I do first?

    Start an Onlyfans
  3. Icey Dan

    If you could scrape data from any website, what would you scrape?

    Interesting idea. Mind elaborating on what specifically you would scrape from adult sites?
  4. Icey Dan

    If you could scrape data from any website, what would you scrape?

    As a career web programmer, my latest project has been learning how to use PHP to efficiently scrape data from various websites. I have finally mastered the art of scraping and structuring the data how I need it for the web applications I build as a hobby. Data is very valuable in this day and...
  5. Icey Dan

    My first $100+ in a week! FEELS GOOD MAN.

    Congrats! That's an awesome accomplishment :)
  6. Icey Dan

    Please don't banned me.

    Pretty sure the majority of us are using a VPN or proxy lol.
  7. Icey Dan

    Noob in da house

    Welcome to BHW. Lots of great information being shared here every day!
  8. Icey Dan

    [AFFILIATE] Growing a Music Store to 50k€/month

    This sounds very interesting. I will be following along, best of luck!
  9. Icey Dan

    Best AD network for me?

    I would suggest looking into an affiliate network like Maxbounty or OgAds. Find proven offers that fit what your audience would be interested in and promote them using display banner ads. You could even collect email opt-ins on your site and promote the offers to that list. As others have...
  10. Icey Dan

    Newly Converted from Lurker to Member

    Welcome. BHW Is so much better when you're able to interact with others and ask questions :)
  11. Icey Dan

    Promoted post low impressions.

    There are two key factors that will impact this: Your daily advertising budget, and your target demographic. If your daily spending limit/budget is something like like say $5, it is normal to only reach a few hundred people since you are paying for impressions. Also, the demographic that you...
  12. Icey Dan

    Facebook keep banning me from uploading!!

    I was dealing with similar issues. Here's what I would suggest you do: 1. Using a VPN and masked IP, create a new Facebook account using a different browser than you normally use. 2. Make sure to sign up with a brand new email and not a phone number connected to your other accounts. 3. Spend...
  13. Icey Dan

    Edit just a letter after a boosted a Facebook post

    There is a time limit on how long you are able to make edits to the post after it is published. In my experience after a few hours the option to edit the post goes away.
  14. Icey Dan

    LinkedIn to rival Fiverr and Upwork with Marketplaces

    I think it's a great idea. So many freelancers are already on Linkedin actively networking and seeking new work, so it makes complete sense to have their own platform for freelancers. It will be interesting to see the impact it would have on the existing major platforms like Upwork.
  15. Icey Dan

    I have a huge email list, how do I monetize it?

    It really depends on the demographics of your list. Is it targeted towards a specific niche or a group of people with similar interests? Did they opt-in willingly or did you scrape the list? These are big factors that will impact the value of the list and the profitability of it. If they are...
  16. Icey Dan

    Video edit to avoid copyright infringment

    Some of the methods I know of are mirroring the video, slightly reducing tone/coloring, speeding or slowing the video down slightly to avoid flagging copyright.
  17. Icey Dan

    Local dev site - ‘someone breached crednetials’ dafuq

    I wouldn't be too concerned about it, it's probably just a security feature built in to Wordpress. The 'abc' username and passwords probably raised red flags.
  18. Icey Dan

    Is this normal, or am I a massive WEIRDO

    I can relate. When I become hyper-focused on a project or website I'm working on it can be so easy neglect other areas of my life. But balance really is the key. I would try making the time to hang out with friends once in a while in between your work instead of just tuning them out completely.
  19. Icey Dan

    Are These Logo Concepts Too Similar?

    Hey guys, I was hoping to get some feedback on this. I just launched a new freelance agency using the following logo I designed (after looking at various "L" logo concepts online for inspiration): Now my friend is telling me he thinks my logo looks too similar to a local construction company's...
  20. Icey Dan

    It's Great To Be Back On BlackHatWorld

    What's up everyone! I hope 2021 is treating you all well so far. I used to be quite active on these forums but stopped posting for quite some time while I dealt with some serious health issues. But now that I've gotten those issues under control I will be online a lot more now - and I have a lot...
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