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    Reviews That Stick on Yelp Google Places TripAdvisor And Others

    ok just made a couple orders
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    choose your own ip software?

    so I am using this for submissions. and so when people provide submissions to me I want to pass them along to other sites. but those sites track the submission ip address. so I need to show that it's coming from the ip address that I picked up. any ideas?
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    choose your own ip software?

    is there a tool out there that will let me spoof my ip address but let me choose what ip it appears I am coming from? Want to be able to change my ip address before I go to a site. and I want to be able to choose specific ip's that I already have written on a piece of paper. Thanks ohh and...
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    How networks cloak their links, to avoid negative/over SEO (question)

    a simple 302 will not pass link juice good or bad. it's made to be a temp redirect so it doesn't pass juice. that should do the trick for ya.
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    Trouble with FB Cloaking

    bumping for advice.
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    Trouble with FB Cloaking

    I'm having some trouble with facebook affiliate cloaking Here's my setup. redirects to popular site has cloaking script which is a redirect to popular site I've posted the
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    Good website ripper program

    does anybody know a good way to rip a forum page. I am having issue with the tool
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    I need someone to help sandbox my website (ownership will be proven on my godaddy account)

    I understand that all sites are different and I am not trying to master the algo by this test but I like testing all the time. does anybody want to take this on. Please pm me. I am looking for how fast I can get it sandboxed and then also how much work before it's sandboxed
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    I need someone to help sandbox my website (ownership will be proven on my godaddy account)

    Hi guys I work at an seo firm and we want to run a test on how much we can push a site before it gets sandboxed and how long before it gets sandboxed. We are going to use a site that we own that get moderate traffic for this experiment. The reason for the experiment is we want to know really...
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    cl poster needed for services

    any others this guy is non responsive on skype. need posting everyday.
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    cl poster needed for services

    bump it boys bump it
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    cl poster needed for services

    I need another poster for the cl services section. between 60 and 120 ads per day every day monday through friday. this is an ongoing job. please pm me and we can skype
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    SEO advisor for company in los angeles

    looking for SEO sales guy in the los angeles area.
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    need email marketing

    ok update if your a newbie and have never sent out more than 1 email at a time this job is not for you...
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    need email marketing

    bump, cash on the table here...
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    need email marketing

    I need someone that can send out email blasts for me and that can inbox to hotmail gmail. this is going to be small numbers like 1k a day. it's not a spammy email it's for legit business. my last guy went awol. I have the list and the contact I just don't have the servers. you can hit me...
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    Email blasting service

    I would like to send out at least 200 to 300k emails per month, so I am looking for someone who can do this or who has servers I can use. Please Pm me or contact me on skype lf.eagle Thanks
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    Need a flash 8 website rebuild

    I have a template and I just need somone to input the info the template. please pm me I am looking to do this asap skype lf.eagle
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    someone with email servers

    I need to send out emails so I need someone with dedicated servers that have not been blacklisted
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