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  1. aussietech

    10 Free Proxies for you! 1000+ Elite Proxies for Craigslist (no-PVA!), Scrapebox and more

    Hi Mate, Intrested in an invite. Novel idea. Cheers
  2. aussietech

    What is the best way to stay safe with selling replicas, and infringement type products?

    Hi I can supply many different types of fakes. And at very low prices I am based in the Philippines and can send directly to you or dropship as required. The types of products I can source are replica watches 3 quality A AA AAA all brands and exact replicas of Rolex Cartier Omega etc etc PM me...
  3. aussietech

    fresh daily website proxies fresh+scraped

    Hey Great Service & a nice guy to deal with. Hoping the rest of the experience using this service will be as good. He was easy to contact and also answered all my questions. So thanx again to proxygo and it has been a positive experience within minutes of sending payment he had me upgraded on...
  4. aussietech

    fresh daily website proxies fresh+scraped

    Hi Mate count me in for VIP membership joined your site already
  5. aussietech

    New private proxy list membership site - 150+ working proxies

    Mate is there anyway of knowing what type of proxy they are eg. HTTP SOCKS4/5 etc. Thanx I would like to try your service
  6. aussietech

    Owed $1100, at what point do I escalate?

    Mate, Just because they are a charity does not mean that you should treat them any differently to any other client and they are running a business just not paying taxes. I would be sending them a formal letter of demand with notice that you will be forced to take recovery action. Also added...
  7. aussietech

    Selling Virtual credit cards(VCC) for paypal, ebay, facebook & other online purchases.

    Wanting to buy VCC to pay goDaddy and also for other ESP can you provide VCC with specific amounts
  8. aussietech

    Best Proxy Software for the Philippines? Like IPRental, Cloakfish, etc..

    I am based in the Philippines & use cloakfish. I guess it depends on your projects but Cloakfish simply supplies working proxies so I would assume it would work equally well in any location
  9. aussietech

    Virtual Credit Card or VCC Available Here!

    Mate need a VCC for PP. How quick can you deliver?
  10. aussietech

    VCC Available for PayPal , Ebay , Facebook , Adwords | One time Loaded & Reloadable VCC

    Mate need 2 VCC @ US$7 ea. When can you deliver?
  11. aussietech

    Toll Free USA Phone Number - fwd to UK

    Mate NCH has a range of VOIP telephony products NCH IVM would probably do what you require. Google it to see waht it is & then if you search torrents should be able to find it.
  12. aussietech

    Need someone to rip and edit simple website

    Thanx to all who replied I have now chosen someone for this project but will keep information for any future projects.
  13. aussietech

    Need someone to rip and edit simple website

    Thanx for the replies I had about 12 and some very talented people here. I have chosen someone now for this project & have also kept all informations sent for future projects. Thanx to all who replied
  14. aussietech

    Need someone to rip and edit simple website

    Hi I need someone who can rip and edit a simple website Should be easy for right person. I also require regular websites designed sales pages on regular basis. Prefer offshore designer as need to keep costs VERY low. This project is to sell a internet TV software package & there are...
  15. aussietech

    Looking for people(no uplimit) to fill some forms, $0.50/each, 1 minute work

    Just interested watching this thread. Many people are interested has anyone actually done the work & been paid yet?
  16. aussietech

    Need 5 Beta Tester (SENIOR MEMBERS) To Test My Gmail Extractor Plus Software

    Hi I would be interested in testing your software. I sent you a PM
  17. aussietech

    Rejected by Neverblue...

    I also am in the Philippines but use a US IP & phone no. Also a demo page to show. If rejected give them a call so they know you are serious & they will often work with you
  18. aussietech

    Skype Spam

    If this is stil available I am interested. Please PM me. Thanx in advance
  19. aussietech

    Noob$ who aren't making any $ yet method

    Thanx Mate sure is a simple method and has attracted a lot of comments. Thanx mate for the share
  20. aussietech

    banned from demonoid =/

    Demonoid is down again and also have lost much data so when back up simply join again.
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