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  1. MangoBite


    Review: 1st year experience was good. But now it's not good. I'll go back to Namecheap.
  2. MangoBite

    where to buy a cheap website space?

    Siteground, Hostgator, or cheap KVCHosting. All have free SSL too.
  3. MangoBite

    Cheap Domain Name Registrar

    Oops, Dynadot also changed the price back to $8.99 from $6.99 Now both Dynadot & NameSilo same price. Still I'll choose Dynadot, as I'll get $5 for new account, when I buy more than $9.99.
  4. MangoBite

    Cheap Domain Name Registrar

    Dynadot beat NameSilo. I have my two domains at NameSilo. Will buy a new one at Dynadot for $6.99. NameSilo have raised the price to $8.99 for new domain
  5. MangoBite

    100% Free Instagram Likes

    I'm interested too.
  6. MangoBite

    FREE 1000 INSTAGRAM LIKES [limited to 100]

    I'm interested too. Nice give away.
  7. MangoBite

    How to get Facebook ad coupon for first time?

    Which closed group? It may help me.
  8. MangoBite

    [GET] VCCS Edu Email

    Working, I got it. The process have changed. You need to figure it out like I did.
  9. MangoBite

    How to get Facebook ad coupon for first time?

    Is there someone sells? I tried that many times. Nothing works.
  10. MangoBite

    [GET] VCCS Edu Email

    Thanks, got one edu email id.
  11. MangoBite

    How to get Facebook ad coupon for first time?

    Hello, Anyone know how to get Facebook Ad Coupon for first time use? Want to advertise on FB & Instagram.
  12. MangoBite

    Switching to https worth it?

    Paid SSL is $9/year from namecheap. You mustn't have moved from http to https properly. One need to give special care when moving from http to https. It's working great for my website I moved from http to https with paid SSL. Got ranking on more keywords with better rankings on some. Earning has...
  13. MangoBite

    [GIVEAWAY] 500 Reddit Accounts

    Good giveaway. Good luck who qualify to get those reddit accounts.
  14. MangoBite

    Facebook friend suggest with accounts with 4900+ friends

    I have 3 accounts with 4900+ friends.
  15. MangoBite

    Facebook friend suggest with accounts with 4900+ friends

    Anyone interested to do this. I'll suggest Friends to your new account & you will suggest to my new account. It will take few mins per account. I can help with teamviewer, if anyone needs help. I have some facebook accounts with 4900+ friends. Major friends in my list are Indians. So don't...
  16. MangoBite

    Add 700 friends to facebook group using script?

    Is there any script using which we can add 700 friends to a facebook group at a time? So we won't get blocked by facebook. As facebook blocks after you add 800+ using any script.
  17. MangoBite

    Which domain to choose?

    If I were you, then I would have taken both. But build website on mag & redirect the magazine to mag.
  18. MangoBite

    Where to get cheap .info reg/transfer?

    Anyone know where to get cheap new reg, transfer .info domain name. I want to buy a new .info domain name as well I have to transfer a .info domain too. What I see, I can get new .info domain for $ 3.17 from Godaddy & transfer .info to namesilo for $8.99 If someone know better offer/coupon than...
  19. MangoBite

    Switching to https worth it?

    I moved to https & got benefits in ranking. But one need to follow proper procedure to move to https. I can do proper https with HTML sites, WordPress sites. Done for some clients who said they got the benefit too. If you don't move it properly, it will be broken & you will lose traffic &...
  20. MangoBite

    Someone stole my whole website, what to do?!

    His hosting company should delete his website. Nothing to do with your own hosting. Ask them why they are hosting that website which copied yours.
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