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  1. element_of_0ne

    [Method] Youtube with UPLOAD and FORGET 2019

    Shit method. Wait is it 2013? Nope. Lol what happened to this forum.
  2. element_of_0ne

    Need Someone fairly good in English -

    I am very intelligent and well versed in in content and creative writing. Please consider me. I would PM you but my inbox is full. You can message me if you are interested. Thank you.
  3. element_of_0ne

    Finally Some Success With PPD [ Some tips]

    Interested too if there's room. Can't pm you for some reason.
  4. element_of_0ne

    How to market/increase business of a pawn shop?

    Thanks for the replies guys. The shop is located downtown in a city of about 70k in Canada.
  5. element_of_0ne

    How to market/increase business of a pawn shop?

    Ive been working at a pawn shop that is dabbling in amazon selling. I'm working to blow up sales and loans by double. Any ideas on how to increase business?
  6. element_of_0ne

    Sites to upload torrents to

    I'm having trouble finding sites to upload my torrents, seems like they've really tightened up on the content or require registration. Where does everyone up their torrents now? I'll start Seedpeer SumoTorrents
  7. element_of_0ne

    My mom is dying

    Mom died on new years eve... I was holding her hand when she took her last breath. It was the worst moment of my life... I'm so sorry for everyone who's had a loss like this. It's indescribable... Now I have to start getting back to IM somehow so i can keep my house but I feel so sick...
  8. element_of_0ne

    My mom is dying

    Cancer is taking my mom. This is the only community Im a part of so I needed to call on the hopes and prayers of you all. She's such a beautiful soul... I'm so fucking scared to lose her I can barely type this. Today we are going to the hospital to so she can die.
  9. element_of_0ne

    Fast cheap link indexing service with dripping and API- Amazing results

    Sounds interesting. Just registered and waiting for activation.
  10. element_of_0ne

    Question about taxes and paypal

    Do you have to claim income that is still in your paypal account and hasn't been moved to your bank, but was earned for the tax year in question? Secondly, if you only claim income that you moved from paypal to your bank that year, can you write off any expenses paid for using your paypal...
  11. element_of_0ne

    Can't get any new sites to rank

    I have 4 or 5 new domains ranging in age from 3 months to 2 weeks and I can't get any of them to rank. They're all indexed and I have built them and backlinked them like I have always done, but nothing new has been ranking in even the top 100! Anyone have any ideas?
  12. element_of_0ne

    IP Blocked on BHW?

    My main ip is blocked too.
  13. element_of_0ne

    Is there a way to get search count and competition from a huge list of keywords?

    I'm looking for a tool that can take a huge list of keywords and analyze them and allow me to sort by search count and competition. Does anyone know of a way to do this? Thanks.
  14. element_of_0ne

    Marketing Trick or Treaters?! LOL

    Dental offers lol nice.
  15. element_of_0ne

    Marketing Trick or Treaters?! LOL

    Even better, have custom wrappers printed in with your url from a place like and have someone go door to door selling them dirt cheap as Halloween candy and give them to all your friends and family to hand out lol.
  16. element_of_0ne

    Adsense a little bit of success!

    I think there's something wrong with your ad placement/formatting. I bet you could revise your layout and quadruple your income. I wouldn't settle for anything below 1% ctr.
  17. element_of_0ne

    My new offline method $30-$50+/day

    Here's 2 methods I've had some success with lately and I thought I'd finally share something decent with the bhw community. Method 1 - First, find a good bingo offer that gives customers a $10-$20 bonus on a first deposit. Payouts on these offers can vary but I wouldn't settle for less than...
  18. element_of_0ne

    My Advanced SEO Method

    Guys this isn't a magic bullet, it's more of a philosophy. Don't copy the linking diagrams exactly. Bottom line: You need to mix up your linking structure so it looks organic. Linkwheels no longer look organic, so you need to evolve by randomizing your properties and how they connect to eachother.
  19. element_of_0ne

    Help, my web 2.0 site has been taken down and de-indexed! What does this mean?

    Yes but I have just checked and at least 3 of my sites have been DELETED as in removed entirely. Could this be the work of a competitor?
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