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    Easy $100 for a USA/Canada person

    Small explanation after some communication via PMs. Guys, I have to select one person and it should be a worthy man. So I won't send money right now, I will decide right after Christmas. Please, keep sending your messages. Yes, it's a strange task, but it's an easy money (and you can ask people...
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    Easy $100 for a USA/Canada person

    Guys, I have a bit strange, but 100% legal and safe task. I made a big mistake as a consultant for our local internet-marketing team and now I have to pay for it. I have bought traffic for these guys from bad source (it was recommended by my old fellow, but this traffic was pure fake and I even...
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    New FREE YouTube Tool from BlasterSuite

    Your tool gets VideoIDs and keywords as input and generate nice report as I can see from your screenshot. But maybe you can consider another mode too? Plain list of channels (their URLs) as input (without keywords) and it checks amount of alive videos on each channel, then gives detailed info on...
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    All in One SMM ~ Facebook - Twitter - Youtube - Instagram ~ Super Cheap {ExtremeSM}

    hatimyal, I am impressed! Thanks a lot for overdelivered YT traffic (I've ordered just to test your service 2000 views, but got 3k+ after 2 days of delay) But I have to ask you - is it possible to mark my next order as SLOW YT views? Its #ID is 42249 in your system (and my payment ID was...
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    phone verify

    no problem )))
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    phone verify

    Google (and Youtube) asks for re-verification lately, even if the account was already verified by phone. Especially if your IP (or original IP-address which was used to register account) is marked as "suspicious" by G/YT due to previous activity from this IP or even from the same subnet. If your...
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    How many gmail accounts can I create with 1 phone number ?

    It really depends on the phone used to verify accounts (which country, which phone company etc). For most US cell numbers you can verify up to 5 accounts via SMS. The safest way is 1 account per phone, but not everybody has unlimited amount of phone numbers. So 3 accounts per one phone is quite...
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    phone verify

    Gheorghita, i PMed you.
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    phone verify

    I can. PM me.
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    xmas domain giveaway

    ba_laz, thank you for the giveaway. count me in, please.
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    Virgin USA Non-Sequential Exclusive Proxies - The Absolute Cheapest Price Anywhere!

    Hey userlogsin, please, fix your site. Too many 404 errors (at least all top menus - Platinum League, Private Proxies, Shared Proxies and even Contact Us).
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    1GBPS Premium Private Proxies, FREE Trial, Instant Setup, Works for all IM/SEO/Classifieds

    Hi clfox, could you please clarify if your "FREE 3 days trial" is still valid? I have tried on 10 proxies package (and premium too) and got the "BHWTRIAL is not a valid coupon" message (coupon code BHWSPECIAL works, but it's not a FREE trial). Your proxies are really expensive and I would like...
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    My journey to $20 a day with PPI and YouTube!

    Dave, just understand it's very likely that pay-per-install programs will spread malware i.e. to get more computers to their botnet. And then webmaster's earning goes to the botnet owner because their affiliate link will be substituded instead of webmaster's one...
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    Selling fully anonymous private proxies - very fast activation - 24/7 support

    Please, double my order with Transaction Id = 8AE17C475D37DDA532. Thank you.
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    Selling fully anonymous private proxies - very fast activation - 24/7 support

    Thank you for doubling my EU order, unr3al! I will pick my extra EU proxies a bit later (it's a deep night here). I will place another (new) order for US proxies tomorrow, I hope you will double it too (now it's too late for me to place orders and to pick proxies - I am almost sleeping on my...
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    Selling fully anonymous private proxies - very fast activation - 24/7 support

    Hello unr3al, I guess people talking about your BlackFriday/CyberMonday promo with coupon "BFRIDAY". I've tried a few times to use it on Monday (before promo has ended), with different browsers, but with no success. When I check "My orders" section on your site, I see some "pending" orders...
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    Youtube Pinger

    the same here ((((
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    [GET][FREE] CUSTOM zennoposter template

    I would like to get a simple YouTube uploader (no need to create account, assuming I run the template already after logging into YT). For example, 20 clips to upload - take all titles, descriptions and tags from a text file, one by one, until all 20 clips are uploaded. Nothing more.
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    any youtube bot working now?

    At least SPK has his own bot and it works. I guess other people could have their custom bots too. If I had it I would not share.
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