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    Anyone have an invite for

    Would love to get on, but it's invite only. If anyone could help, I would be truly grateful.
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    How to Increase Homepage PR

    Hi guys, For the purposes of appealing to advertisers I need to increase the pagerank of a homepage. What's the best way to do this onpage wish (apart from the obvious building links to that page). I'm internal linking from all of the other pages where possible - anything else recommended?
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    Need Facebook Likes/Tweets on Article

    Hi Guys, Just to confirm: I'm not looking to buy tweets or likes. Sorry to be a tight arse. I'm not doing this because I think it helps rankings but because I need a few guest blog posts I write to look very popular - so just having it look like it was liked 50 times is very helpful.
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    Need Facebook Likes/Tweets on Article

    Hello! I know there are plenty of services like Youlikehits for getting more fans/followers, but are there any free services for getting more tweets/likes on an article or blog post? Squelsh
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    Swap facebook likes??

    Nice tip, thanks!
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    Google News Site JV - unique 50/50 same day pay

    Mayson, I work as a full time writer/blogger and would be interested in getting a few more details. Roughly how much content per day you would be looking to produce and the typical word count needed for these pieces. Squelsh
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    Scraping Outbound Links

    Alright, well that narrows it down then :)
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    Scraping Outbound Links

    Hopefully someone can help with this. I'm looking for a way to scrape all of the outbound links on a website. I had hoped it would be possible to do this with imacros but if not I have a basic knowledge of PHP + CURL. Any suggestions?
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    A real success for search engine domination! Over 30k backlinks in less than a month

    Ok, so a lot of people have said that building links too fast won't be you banned/penalised. But, if you do build several thousand per week/month etc, is it necessary to keep up that momentum?
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    How to Find Sites Driving Traffic to Competitors?

    Look at their backlinks in YSE. Alexa helps a little.
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    Tracking Affiliate Marketing Conversions

    Hi there, I'm looking for ways to track which organic keywords are causing visitors to click outlinks (e.g. my affiliate links) I'm using Piwik but if there's better software for this I'll take a look at it. Any help would be appreciated.
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    How can i populate a Directory site?

    I started doing this before but started on another project instead. The best way to do it is to find a website that already has the data you need and then make a basic scraper using imacros (you can get it in the downloads section) put all the data in an excel spreadsheet and upload using a...
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    Need Some Advice on Geo Targetting

    Just to go back to this topic mockba, apparently using subdomains for geotargeting is very messy (countrywise anyway). Dont have experience doing this myself, it's just what I was told
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    Need Some Advice on Geo Targetting

    Thanks Mockba. From what I've read Google is supposed to treat subdomains and directories the same. They didn't before and it got abused. However, I'm still seeing quite a few subdomains do quite well. I might be inclined to go for the subdomain approach if I were you.
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    What happens if...there are 3000 pages created daily ?

    Put some content on those pages and you'll do a lot better
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    The Same Description an all pages is Good for Seo or is Spam?

    is bad. Google doesn't like titles that are the same.
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    Need Some Advice on Geo Targetting

    Didn't know this. Can you show me where you found this info?
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    Need Some Advice on Geo Targetting

    Hi guys, I am launching a website which I want geo-targetted to different countries i.e. I have a section I want uk readers to land on, US etc. Is the best way to have one website and geo-target specific directories e.g., or to get tld such as .ie etc...
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    How do comments effect SEO ?

    Both of these things. I've noticed Google likes pages with comments. I was even thinking about comment spamming myself.
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