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  1. Kuchilkulais

    Anybody have any experiences with the video game niche?

    Nobody? Could somebody provide some feedback on my post?
  2. Kuchilkulais

    Anybody have any experiences with the video game niche?

    If so, what was it like and what do you think of the demographics, the reach, the methods, etc. Did you ever have any strategy in mind and did it work out? How much money did you make and was it peanuts compared to other stuff you made? What insights do you have that haven't been said...
  3. Kuchilkulais

    Free SSL Certificate Plugin or manual

    Lmao, Let's Encrypt is a godsend for the upcoming Chrome update. There's a lot of free stuff out there if you know where to look.
  4. Kuchilkulais

    Has anybody got any experience with GT Burst as a publisher?

    I'm looking into the gaming niche and my findings have these guys turn up. They seem to have pretty active PR, at least on the pages that I have roamed. How well do they stack up against Google Adsense in terms of payout, and what's their model? What's the experience overall with them? Any...
  5. Kuchilkulais

    Is 12USD per 1,000 words expensive?

    I know some copywriting agencies and businesses that charge an average of $26 per 1k words, with research included, and that was considered cheap! Though it really does suck that in this environment we've got today that we have PhDs underselling themselves all the time.
  6. Kuchilkulais

    PROFIT AZON - Earn Passive Income, Unique Amazon Affiliate Sites - SEO Guide & Link Building Bonus!

    Hi, I would like to take a look at a sample of one of your past developed websites, or ideally just some demo of the format I would get if I purchased your service. I have a specific website design and model in my head and I would like to evaluate before buying to see if it would fit. No coupon...
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