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    How Much Would You Pay for Youtube Views?

    I had a general question. How much would you pay for REAL youtube views & comments? These comments/views would be from actual people and not a script that goes through different IP's and automatically comments or rates. 80% would be from US/CA/UK while the rest would be worldwide. Let me know...
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    Universal Blog Comment Poster

    If you can add the top 5 video sites as well, that would be very cool.
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    {GET} YouTube Comment Checker 1.5

    Hey guys, Have you guys noticed an increase on youtubes auto anti spam methods? What are you guys doing to get around this?
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    Auto Forum Poster

    Hello, Does anyone have any feedback for this auto forum posting tool? I am considering buying it Thanks
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    Auto Forum Poster

    Works now, thanks
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    2009 PR>4 ******** Forum

    Thanks for the list.
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    Free money (pretty much)

    Just a suggestion, you can use amazons mechanical turk for tasks like this. You will find hundreds of people willing to complete a small task for 0.1-0.2
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    need 500-1000 gmail accounts asap

    You should send a message to lennon_boys. He sells gmail accounts. I just purchased from him and I got the accounts with no problems.
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    If you can count your accounts/ don't have enough

    Question, do you upload the videos through diff IPs? If so, what service/website do you use?
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    Getting Around Google Adword Ban HELP!

    In my experiences, you can either login to an external server or simply get your IP renewed/changed. I also use a family members credit card (with a different last name as well) just so I can stay under the radar.
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    Auto Forum Poster

    Thanks, but the link doesn't work on
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    Auto Forum Poster

    Hey guys, I've looked around through Search and can't find anything that works properly or doesnt have a virus. Can anyone suggest any good auto forum poster? Preferabally something that posts to multiple platforms. Thanks!
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    What's up with Sharecash?!

    I have been trying to promote ShareCash for the last two weeks and am experiencing a couple of issues in my testing. Before starting off with any program, I typically test them out to make sure everything works ok. Here is what I experienced in my testing. 1) I am in a US server and when I...
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    how to get a new IP

    Im not sure what you are trying to accomplish but maybe you can just use an IP switcher. There are a few good ones out there.
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    The most obvious money making opportunity on youtube-Completely effortless cash..

    Just a general idea: Instead of promoting music videos that you THINK are hot, go to and pull the ones on top of the list. You can also focus on the ones that are climbing the charts. Billboard tells you what the song was ranked last week so that you can...
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    BlackHat Success: Never give up!

    Great advice!
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    I'm not sure if you guy have seen this, but it is a very black hat method.

    Yup I would have to agree. That is NOT blackhat. Blackhat USUALLY can`t get you arrested, if you're smart enough ;)
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    YouTube Marketing Project

    I've been playing around with Youtube marketing (sexy videos) this past week and I see potential if I can scale up (post 200 videos a day). My question is this, what is the best way to find / edit / watermark 200 videos / day. From reading around on this forum and researching, I see my options...
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