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  1. MrDenz

    Made some more progress..... ( Only Fans Management Agency )

    Hey @Ragnarok_012 the smart thing to do is to update your journey thread with this updates, instead of creating new threads. I'm sure people would love to see more of this, and 'My Journey...
  2. MrDenz

    Membership levels, explained Whatever you need just click on the Forums link and you'll see all available forums on BHW ;)
  3. MrDenz

    Hello, I'm newbie!

    Hi @user03594400 welcome to BHW. At BHW, people from all over the world come together to discuss a variety of topics mainly related to marketing and different internet tactics. Once you register, you can actively participate by asking questions, sharing insights, buying and selling digital...
  4. MrDenz

    I need some help in designing

    I guess you want to enhance it? I did it for you, hope it helps out.
  5. MrDenz

    thank you

    I feel you. We really need that heart reaction Thank you mate ;)
  6. MrDenz

    thank you

    Hi @blackhacker22 welcome to BHW ;) It's great to see your enthusiasm about joining BHW, but let me clarify a little bit about what BHW, or is, it's not a group but a public online forum. At BHW, people from all over the world come together to discuss a variety of topics...
  7. MrDenz

    METHODS Recolection thread (for Newbies)

    Check out these guides and resources from @PHPInjected
  8. MrDenz

    Do you have Afternoon nap?

    Credit :p
  9. MrDenz

    Movie recap channels

    I don't think it's that difficult to do all this, the problem is monetization, I don't know if the channels you mentioned have monetization enabled, but yeah, I see more and more similar channels. I didn't do my research, but I don't think they are monetized, they are trying to make money...
  10. MrDenz

    Method - Make $100 to $1k / Week with CPA + Freelance Sites!

    Years ago I was doing something similar, and I know people who made a solid amount of money by doing this on their websites as "weekly challenges". You need to have some solid traffic for this to work, you need to check out the first top 10 countries, where the traffic is coming from, pick up...
  11. MrDenz

    Cheap Domain Providers
  12. MrDenz

    When I’m trying to make a SoundCloud it won’t let me use PayPal

    Have you tried using another browser? I see that this is an otherwise well-known issue for SoundCloud and they don't really care to fix it.
  13. MrDenz

    Finding Domain owner

    Unfortunately, it is not possible in this case. I see that someone is going to reveal something? :confused: If you think something is wrong, contact Namecheap.
  14. MrDenz

    What is the point of life? Are we living to die or dying to live?

    Yes, a very deep topic... For most people, the purpose of life is a wrong view of the world from birth, the fault of the parents in most cases. Before, it was different, get born, go to school, get the best grades, finish university, graduate, get a job, wait for retirement, and die. Pretty...
  15. MrDenz

    Hello BHW family

    Welcome to BHW @A.R Rehman I guess you will find out once you upgrade your account and start selling ;)
  16. MrDenz

    Hello BHW!

    Hey there @MajorLord welcome to BHW ;) This community is jam-packed with resources, insights, and some knowledgeable folks who are all about helping each other. Don't hesitate to get into the discussions or ask questions, no matter how basic they might seem. Hope to see you around the forums...
  17. MrDenz

    Happy Birthday @tattooedbuddha 26 years today - Don´t get too drunk this year.

    This is a Jr Executive access only. About section :D I was wondering the same thing, how does Mr @RoiBox know all the bday dates for everyone, and then, the magic happen :D
  18. MrDenz

    Is this email legit? From [email protected]

    I know the email is correct, it's not about that at all. The email text starts with: A new SEOHelp account has been created for you. This is because you either created your first ticket using this email address or reported a post. And OP said:
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