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  1. bmanfacts

    Instagram Repost Master Method

    Black Friday discount
  2. bmanfacts

    ⚪ Sylvester Twitter Account Supplier | Mail Verified ✅ | Fully English Customized | Manual Registered | Bulk Sale!

    Interested in demo accounts. Pricing still the same from the OP?
  3. bmanfacts

    I have no idea what to do with a 340K subreddit (Meme Niche)

    Second this. Take the positives of what they said and report back, or ask for feedback on the other things you try. The more relevant information you appropriately give, the better we are able to give better feedback. Gotta give to get :)
  4. bmanfacts ✅ Self-Service Private Proxies ✅ Instant IP Refresh ✅ Just $0.88/IP + $0.00/GB ⭐Get +50% FREE⭐

    Been loving these proxies for a decently long time. Rarely had issues with them (mainly from the platform's end). But these register exactly as I expect them to when using them. Just Ordered more for more extensive testing, given other services let me down. Invoice #169357 - 50% more proxies
  5. bmanfacts

    What I Learned In The First 30 Days Of Running My OnlyFans Management Agency

    Really well put together summary of your time learning the fundamentals of business, within the nuance of this industry. The superstar is the one who shows up consistently. Its NOT about appearance. That can always change and you can work around that. The superstar has the character of one...
  6. bmanfacts


    Review: This guide is a decent guide giving the basics you need to understand how people can grow on Instagram. Some sections are slightly more detailed than others, but this is mostly a guide covering a wide array of growth strategies. Surprised to see a few monetization strategies suggested...
  7. bmanfacts

    Do you want to become a billionaire?

    Which billionaire in which currency? Rumored that its easier in some than others
  8. bmanfacts

    ✅ Static Residential Proxies ⏩ Tier 1 ISPs ✅ Ultra Fast ✅ Private Proxies Only ✅ Unlimited Bandwidth

    After writing my review, and the OP responded with "PM sent," I received this briefly kind message, which reveals the owner as the support chat, in my client area inbox (rather than what I would expect, a BHW PM which we already briefly had). Subtle, but they made a point to communicate my...
  9. bmanfacts

    You are replaceable

    Quality reminder. Great post & words!
  10. bmanfacts

    USA 4G Proxies - Mobile Proxy IPs | NO Monthly Commitment | Unlimited Bandwidth| Flexible Billing - 20% BHW DISCOUNT

    Review of Service: ordered 4G Proxy for Instagram Management. Asked for NY location. Proxy Rotated through several locations within the state. Few rare occurrences where the proxy registered somewhere that was out of state. Those instances triggered EV locks for the accounts I used this proxy...
  11. bmanfacts

    ✅ Static Residential Proxies ⏩ Tier 1 ISPs ✅ Ultra Fast ✅ Private Proxies Only ✅ Unlimited Bandwidth

    Review of this Service: received 25 Static Residential Proxies immediately after payment. Intended use of the proxies are for Instagram Management. Upon loading them onto Instagram, I received confirmation that 7 of the 25 proxies register as a US IP on the platform. Although these locations...
  12. bmanfacts

    ✅ Static Residential Proxies ⏩ Tier 1 ISPs ✅ Ultra Fast ✅ Private Proxies Only ✅ Unlimited Bandwidth

    Shifter Static Residential Proxies Discount! Is this one time or reoccurring?
  13. bmanfacts


    Cheers mate! Welcome back into the game. Definitely important advice to share. Working endlessly is counterproductive. No other way around it. On this topic for beginners, do you segment immediately? (Examples : Someone submits email, then direct them to a survey, or use IP info to segment) Do...
  14. bmanfacts

    Replacing My Full Time Job Income (62k New Organic Followers In 60 Days)

    Wishing you all the best in your journey. It often takes one tweak if you are moderately knowledgeable and dedicated to your execution. Had that happen a while back, and then many times over since then. I will say that it will be hard to "break into the American market" if your account is...
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