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  1. terryv48

    Amazon/Clickbank/Adsense Site Set Up At $99 -- Including SEO -- Cheapest Yet Powerful

    I would care to see samples of your work
  2. terryv48

    SpinnerChief 2 - Free While In Beta!

    Did you really ask that in this thread???
  3. terryv48

    Cloned a Website, Now Owner Wants $700 OR Sue Me

    Not a poker player, are you son? As many poster indicated, this is simply a bluff. There is no way the guy would sue you in the first place. If he would think he has a case, it would certainly be for much more than 7 bucks! Although you seemed to have cowered when you shouldn't have, it is not...
  4. terryv48

    Does the economy/US dollar collapsing scare you as much as it scares me??!?

    Sorry son, but you are not even close regarding the U.S. debt ratio to GDP. As of August of 2011, our debt eclipsed 100% of our GDP. There is so much misinformation in these posts, you all have my head spinning!
  5. terryv48

    M0g0l caught redhanded stealing from Blackhatworld

    Tough deal for bhw members. Mogol has recently been the most prolific poster on the forum. Oh well, sh!t happens!
  6. terryv48

    How do you feel about the legalization of marijuana?

    Cybersage, For the most part your post was well thought out with very valid points on each side of the equation. That said however, you couldn't be more wrong with this one: " First is that there is not nearly enough research regarding the benefits/detriments of using cannabis. " Following...
  7. terryv48

    How do you feel about the legalization of marijuana?

    Just as with liquor, you had no business smoking it at that age. Your ability to make decisions coupled with consequences of your actions is not close to being developed by that time. If you drink every day, you will also have put your life in a cesspool. Marijuana, no different from any...
  8. terryv48

    Don Lapre Suicide

    OK...I have to ask...Why should he have gone to a physiologist?
  9. terryv48


    Actually it is pretty close. The exact rate 2 days ago is 516.20 canadian/500 U.S.
  10. terryv48

    $$$ FREE MICRO NICHE WEBSITES GIVEAWAY! Make $1000+/monthly + Guarantee Page 1 Rankings!

    For some reason my pm is not working. Below is the one I tried sending. Would you please send me some demo links that are indicative of what I can expect these sites to look like? They may be a good fit for enhancing my offerings at Thanks, Terry
  11. terryv48

    Need help creating a website

    I don't care what you say...THAT was funny!
  12. terryv48

    [BETA TESTERS WANTED] Awesome Keyword tool

    I would give it a run on some of my sites. I have a diverse portfolio of 521 domains and am always looking for more efficient methods of all areas of seo.
  13. terryv48

    Looking for Coupon Software That Will Allow Me To List My Coupons on all Coupon Sites

    You can submit your coupon to the database for distribution with a huge coupon database:
  14. terryv48

    I can't work, this girl has me upset. Anyone have any advice?

    Grow up. That will move you on the right path.
  15. terryv48

    How many domains do you own?

    537 as of today...more tomorrow!
  16. terryv48

    Weird ass Skype call I just got...

    Thanks for the great belly laugh. The sickest part is that there is no exaggeration here. All that really occurs from these a$$holes!
  17. terryv48

    First sale-- Tried to scale it up but to no effect. Any guidance?

    Sorry, but you simply made your first sale. I can tell you without qualification...Clickbank NEVER give a first sale or any other sale away that was not ordered. They do not give sales to make you "excited".
  18. terryv48

    Will google rank 2 of my sites for the same keywords - same namserveres?

    I have a couple of examples of this where my sites are on first page of google and/or yahoo. One example is a .com and a .net site with the same company. I just used different copy on each of the home pages.
  19. terryv48

    [LINK JOOS V2.0]-Crush Your Competitors With Our All-In-One SEO Package - Amazing Results!

    I used this service in September. Everything promised was done, albeit taking a little longer than advertised. I see that he has resolved this issue with his guarantee of 7 days or free. Would I recommend? Well, I guess you could say that. I am on my way to his order form to place another...
  20. terryv48

    snipr from Diamond Dave...

    If the site is yours, as soon as I saw what the site was about, I clicked on your support link to have you remove me from your email list. The link went 404. You need to either fix link, provide an email address or provide a remove link in your emails.
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