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  1. theodor_adornor

    New Youtube Channel Journey: Longer videos + Reddit/FB Group distribution

    Good luck on your journey, I am also watching your other thread. I am sure you will got the succcess one of this journeys!
  2. theodor_adornor

    How is Google able to differentiate bw AI and Human content?

    I don't know otyher AI creators but I have read it that OpenAI researchers developed cryptographic watermarking which is created through an OpenAI product like ChatGPT. So, maybe Google follow those Watermarkings?
  3. theodor_adornor

    Merch By Amazon account...

    I had the same issue, contact with them by email in a proper way, update your bank and vat details. They will help you. Thank you.
  4. theodor_adornor

    Amazon Merch course

    Hey @JustaBlackGuy , I am also interested with the course, I will be following. BTW ; How many designs do you have now? How much it brings you monthly? Thanks.
  5. theodor_adornor

    Hello BHW

    Hi welcome to Black Hat World family...
  6. theodor_adornor

    [ebook + 49 videos] Crazy Fast WordPress Sites!

    I kindly request for a discount code please, after reading reviews I'll bought one. Thank you.
  7. theodor_adornor

    Travel, Hotels related affiliate programs?

    Travel industry is doing hard these year probably next year too. will paid for qualified reservations.
  8. theodor_adornor

    How can I monetize my traffic(Adult traffic)

    Hi, I was worked with CrakRevenue before, I can suggest them. They will check your website deeply, but they have good offers. Thanks
  9. theodor_adornor

    [FREE] Get Lynda Lifetime Premium Access

    Thank you very much, it is working. So what do you think to get an account on with a real name? May be we can use certificates, later? :) Thanks
  10. theodor_adornor

    Does porn tubes generate good revenue

    Hi BlackRock777, There is a good money in porn industry but I think most of the traffic is converted between big brothers like pornhub, xvideos, xhamster etc. If you trust your self to get good traffic from any search engine I will definetly suggest you to start your project. I am working with...
  11. theodor_adornor

    [BETA] Tinder Autoresponder Bot

    Hello Seotime, I am already in Adult Dating Niche but not tested Tinder yet. I am really interested about your Tinder Bot. Waiting for your PM.
  12. theodor_adornor

    [Reviewers] Egrow - Software for Amazon FBA Sellers

    Hi Deki33, I didn't understand why nobody replied this thread yet. I found your tool today on paid search results ( Google ) and I like the interview demo. Also, I am thinking to try this product because I liked your prices. Please find the answers to your questions in below : 1) Are you...
  13. theodor_adornor

    My porn site journey

    Are you sure all of your traffic comes from Tube Web sites? Probably you are using copyrighted, watermarked content and if you are not using a bot to create many accounts and upload thousands of videos, your accounts getting banned soon. I am sorry but Xvideos will ban your accounts after 3...
  14. theodor_adornor

    [Instagram] 9 Niches: 50K followers/account

    @TayaX once again, I subscribed your new journey! I am sure you will reach your goal with your highest patience. Best luck my friend.
  15. theodor_adornor

    Tumblingjazz - profesional tumblr bot at an affordable price

    Hey @rootjazz I am using a Dynamic IP and I realize that my IP switches over 20 - 25 new IP pool in my location. Is this software have any option to save dynamic IP history for each added account? I think it is hard to track on Excell Sheet :) Thanks.
  16. theodor_adornor

    What Bots would BHW like to see being made?

    Yes, I am also interested with a bot to uploading videos most of the Porn Tube website with an account creator inside ;)
  17. theodor_adornor

    10,000$ For A Youtube channel

    It doesn't matter you are on Youtube, Facebook or Instagram. If the owner of the content complains about copyright, you are in under penalty if you don't have any agreement to prove it.
  18. theodor_adornor

    Thank you BlackHatWorld!!

    Woww! It is nice to see you with earning. You now there are too many methods about CR and some people doesn't believe they can earn money. If you are using one of the methods mentioned in website please refer. We need to push our friends :)
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